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How Node.js Can Accelerate Enterprise Application Development [ Source: Modulus ]

October 2014- This paper discusses how Node.js offers the enterprise a head start in application development through its simpler development environment, and its reliance on JavaScript, the most popular developer language in the world. You'll learn how major corporations are shaving time-to-market using Node.

Critical Considerations When Building Enterprise Node.js Applications [ Source: Modulus ]

October 2014- This paper introduces you to Node capabilities and tools for enterprise-critical concerns like scaling, testing, and debugging, and more. It also discusses application deployment best practices and how to gain exceptional visibility into application performance once you go live.

Continuous Delivery: What It Is and How to Get Started [ Source: Puppet Labs ]

November 2013-

You've probably heard that continuous delivery allows you to get new features and capabilities to market quickly and reliably. But what is it, really, and what's required to get started? This introductory ebook reveals:

The ABCs of continuous release and deploy in a DevOps approach [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- This paper focuses on the bottlenecks in enterprise software delivery caused by the handoff from development to operations. Learn how implementing the three ABCs can help you achieve a continuous release and deployment approach: Align Teams - Build Consistent Process - Create Automated Culture.

Drive More Value From Your IT Assets [ Source: Service Now ]

July 2013- You can make your life simpler when you automate your entire IT Asset Management (ITAM) lifecycle and Software Asset Management (SAM) in one system of record. You'll also reduce costs, eliminate wasted resources, improve compliance, mitigate security risks, and drive standardization.

Business Value of Compilers [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- The compiler you use can impact whether or not you achieve optimal performance from all parts of your systems. This whitepaper provides details on how IBM compilers are designed to unleash and exploit the full power of IBM Power processors.

Okta Active Directory Integration - An Architecture Overview [ Source: Okta ]

February 2013- For most companies, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) plays the central role in coordinating identity and access management policies. AD typically serves as a "source of truth" for user identities, and it provides access control to on-premises resources such as networks, file servers, and web applications.

A byproduct of the transition to cloud applications is the proliferation of separate user stores; each cloud application typically is rolled out independently and therefore has its own ...

Building Online Portals for Your Customers & Partners with Okta: An Architectural Overview [ Source: Okta ]

February 2013- For many organizations, portals are an increasingly important way of providing critical application access to partners and/or customers. Assembled from multiple web applications, portals introduce unique identity management challenges, because unlike internal employees, users from customers or partners aren't typically stored in the corporate directory. This forces administrators to maintain multiple user-stores and end-users to register, and manage logins for, each app individually.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

• ...

Web Conferencing for SMBs: 3 Key Considerations for IT Teams at Small to Midsized Firms [ Source: ReadyTalk Audio and Web Conferencing ]

November 2012- This white paper will look at three issues of particular concern to SMB information technology professionals weighing the pros and cons of a new or different Web conferencing solution.

Sybase PowerBuilder: A Tradition of Productivity Evolved for Modern Developer Ecosystems [ Source: SAP ]

October 2012- Revolutionary at its inception for defining and popularizing this specific genre of distributed application development, the PowerBuilder 12.5 development environment today combines functional maturity with aggressive modernizations that keep it a viable and compelling tool for tackling business applications.

Sybase PowerBuilder has remained throughout the years a bastion of application development productivity for a wide class of enterprise applications that combine database access with a highly productive graphical user interface (GUI).

The ...

Sybase PowerBuilder IS .Net...and so much MORE! [ Source: SAP ]

October 2012- Sybase PowerBuilder 12.5 is the second full-fledged .NET release of the market's favorite application development tool, bringing true power and ease of use to .NET. In the box, you'll find two Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) that give you options.

You can build and deploy applications in a traditional Client/Server architecture, deploy to WebForms, WindowForms, or Smart Client applications. Or, you can leverage the power of the new IDE, built on top of Visual ...

PowerBuilder and .Net [ Source: SAP ]

October 2012- Lately, a variety of PowerBuilder customers have asked whether or not they should stay with PowerBuilder or go to .NET. Sometimes they ask folks at Sybase directly, other times their inquiries are filtered to us through analysts.

The purpose of this paper is to show that this really isn’t a valid question because PowerBuilder and .NET are not mutually exclusive. Ultimately, this paper should provide you with the information you need to ...

Moving your PowerBuilder Application to the Web [ Source: SAP ]

October 2012- Today's Internet-connected world virtually requires that all companies leverage the power of the Internet. There is a wide and sometimes bewildering array of techniques available to PowerBuilder programmers to move all or part of their PowerBuilder logic to the Internet. A process-based approach to examining which aspects of the application should be moved to the Internet, combined with an intelligent refactoring of the application and an understanding of your company's technology stack will maximize your ...

An Excerpt Bridging the OSS/BSS Gap: Strategies for Dynamic Order Management by Frost & Sullivan [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- This report will describe the need for Dynamic Order Management and share results of a global Stratecast survey, conducted in conjunction with ConceptWave, of CSP views of the function and how it fits into current and future operational strategies. In addition, we profile a number of OSS/BSS vendors that are bringing Dynamic Order Management solutions to market.

CIO Strategies for End User Computing: Maximizing Productivity without Sacrificing Security [ Source: Dell ]

November 2011- Advances in mobility and client computing technology combined with the ubiquity of social media are creating a culture of constant connectivity and anywhere access to information. As these trends extend into the work place Dell recommends CIOs proactively respond by creating a cost effective 3-5 year strategic plan for end user computing that enables increased end user productivity while maintaining IT control, and helps mitigate security threats.

This paper provides best practices for ...

Building smart products: best practices for multicore software development [ Source: IBM ]

February 2011- The planet is becoming more interconnected, instrumented and intelligent. All kinds of devices—from medical devices to the global positioning system (GPS) in your car to large-scale defense systems—rely on embedded software to interact with other systems and deliver an exceptional, differentiated user experience.

But as the marketplace increasingly demands embedded systems that deliver greater functionality, a smaller form factor, greater reliability, lower power and a lower cost of operation, the pressure ...

The Total Economic Impact of IBM Optim Solutions Whitepaper [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- In this report, Forrester Consulting examines the total economic impact (TEI) and potential return-on-investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by deploying IBM® Optim™ Solutions for Integrated Data Management. In conducting in-depth interviews with four existing customers, Forrester consultants found that these companies achieved tangible improvements in operational and capital cost efficiency, IT administration cost savings, increased data protection, as well as higher levels of end user productivity.

Understanding Actionable Business Architecture [ Source: IBM ]

October 2010- As business and technology become more entwined, developing and deploying IT systems that address evolving business needs is vital for any organization. Read this paper for new perspectives and strategies on business architecture to help your organization potentially gain a competitive edge.

Building a Multi-Page Image Viewer with ImageGear for Silverlight and Azure [ Source: Accusoft ]

September 2010- This whitepaper guides developers through the steps involved with developing a multi-page image viewer using Silverlight, and provides a quick review of the ImageGear for Silverlight toolkit, available from Accusoft Pegasus. The step-by-step instructions, detailed explanations, and screenshots in this whitepaper ensure developers are well on their way to building a solid Silverlight application.

Once the image viewer is built, it will be ready for deployment to the Windows Azure Cloud via an ...

The Eight Stages of an Agile Approach That Works [ Source: OutSystems ]

February 2009- With the experiences gathered through 500+ Agile projects, the OutSystems team has developed and refined a repeatable way to enable the efficient and successful delivery of enterprise-scale Agile projects -- in essence, defining an Agile method that works. This approach includes the concepts applied, the tools used and the activities conducted for successfully delivering web business applications. By leveraging the Agile Platform and Agile Network, organizations are able to adopt Agile development methods and scale their ...

Cloud Staffing and IT Outsourcing Evolution [ Source: Software and Web Development Company Acceptic ]

September 2010- The article, presented by Acceptic, deals with cloud staffing as a more mature approach to world outsourcing practices. The features revealed in the article explain the pros of cloud staffing against conventional outsourcing.

Components of a Hosted Unified Communications Solution [ Source: Alteva ]

August 2010- For decision-makers to decide whether or not a hosted unified communications solution is right for their organization, it is important to examine two aspects of the solution. The first is whether or not to take advantage of unified communications solutions and the second is whether or not to adopt cloud (hosted) technology. Alteva takes a look at the hosted UC landscape in this report.

Internationalization of Java / J2EE Applications [ Source: Sonata Software ]

August 2010- This White Paper discusses what is meant by internationalization of an application and the approach followed by Sonata for internationalization of Java / J2EE applications. Furthermore, it also explains what is meant by globalization of an application and the factors underlying it.

PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion Market [ Source: HTMLcut ]

July 2010- This article analyzes changes in the PSD-to-HTML/CSS conversion services market during the past year, highlighting achievements, problems, statistics, and tendencies. Web designers, Web companies, and those who work in the Web industry may find themselves faced with this challenge, according to HTMLcut.

Continuous Testing with ElectricCommander [ Source: Electric Cloud ]

August 2009- Drive quality earlier in the development process with continuous testing.

Large development organizations have increasingly been adopting select agile practices to enable faster development, create more reliable software, and reduce costs. Chief among these practices is providing developers early and frequent feedback from users, from other developers, and especially from the programming, build, and test tools. In the latter category, continuous integration and continuous testing are emerging as valuable techniques for ...

Microsoft Access 2010 Cost Benefit Analysis for Developers [ Source: Alpha Software ]

June 2010- Although Microsoft Access can be used to create desktop applications, its Web development features are lacking. If an organization wants to port an existing Access application to the Web, typically its done in one of two ways:

* The organization can create a brand new Web-based application in Visual Studio. The server-side code would then use the .NET framework to read and write to and from the Access database. Note, however, that the Access ...

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