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Forrester Research Lessons Learned from Windows 7 Early Adopters [ Source: Symantec ]

December 2010- Over a six month period, Forrester pulled together key insights from almost 40 successful early adopters of Windows 7. Their goal was to develop best practices that would help IT organizations overcome the most common migration challenges.

Download “Lessons Learned From Windows 7 Early Adopters” to help you develop or improve your Windows 7 migration strategy and understand what you need to consider when setting key milestones and time frames for deployment.

Components of a Hosted Unified Communications Solution [ Source: Alteva ]

August 2010- For decision-makers to decide whether or not a hosted unified communications solution is right for their organization, it is important to examine two aspects of the solution. The first is whether or not to take advantage of unified communications solutions and the second is whether or not to adopt cloud (hosted) technology. Alteva takes a look at the hosted UC landscape in this report.

Internationalization of Java / J2EE Applications [ Source: Sonata Software ]

August 2010- This White Paper discusses what is meant by internationalization of an application and the approach followed by Sonata for internationalization of Java / J2EE applications. Furthermore, it also explains what is meant by globalization of an application and the factors underlying it.

Continuous Testing with ElectricCommander [ Source: Electric Cloud ]

August 2009- Drive quality earlier in the development process with continuous testing.

Large development organizations have increasingly been adopting select agile practices to enable faster development, create more reliable software, and reduce costs. Chief among these practices is providing developers early and frequent feedback from users, from other developers, and especially from the programming, build, and test tools. In the latter category, continuous integration and continuous testing are emerging as valuable techniques for ...

UML For C# [ Source: Excel Software ]

January 2009- C# is a modern object-oriented language for application development. In addition to object-oriented constructs, C# supports component-oriented programming with properties, methods, and events.

Performance in the Infragistics xamWebGrid for Microsoft Silverlight [ Source: Infragistics ]

September 2009- Everyone talks of user experience – it is the key differentiator in the new economy. But this conversation is often limited to an application’s aesthetic design, which while important, constitutes only a fraction of the overall user experience. Often overlooked is an area of user experience that can have just as substantial an impact on overall user experience as their application’s aesthetics – application performance! Infragistics takes the user experience of your Web application very ...

Game Developer Switches From Linux, Improves Time-to-Market and Lowers Costs [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- Based in San Mateo, California, Glu Mobile employs 220 people. Glu Mobile wanted a more powerful and flexible Web site that it could personalize easily, to help it sell directly to customers as well as through traditional channels. But rebuilding the site with the Linux and Java technologies on which it was based posed potential problems in terms of time-to-market, cost, and functionality. Using the services of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Allin Consulting, Glu Mobile rebuilt ...

Implementing Outlook-Style Interfaces With Schedule for .NET [ Source: ComponentOne ]

January 2008- The 2007 v1 release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise introduced a new product for developing Outlook-style desktop scheduling applications. Schedule for .NET includes two visual components: C1Schedule and C1Calendar. This paper from ComponentOne discusses some of the features of these new components. C1Schedule displays appointments in day, week, work week, or monthly views. C1Calendar provides navigation and date range selection for an associated C1Schedule control. Both controls include AutoFormat settings for applying ...

How to Use the LOOKUP Function With Unsorted Data in Excel [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- The paper describes how to use LOOKUP function with unsorted data in excel. In Microsoft Excel, the LOOKUP worksheet function has a vector form and an array form. The vector form of LOOKUP looks in a one-row or one-column range for a value and returns a value from the same position in a second one-row or one-column range. The other form of LOOKUP automatically looks in the first column or row. One can use a ...

Improving ASP.NET Application Performance and Scalability [ Source: Jupitermedia ]

January 2008- This paper published by Jupitermedia discusses some best practices that one can follow during an application’s development life cycle to help ensure that the application is both scalable and achieves high performance. One doesn’t have to use special tools to achieve this. The paper describes about writing structured, readable code, paying particular attention to techniques that are instrumental for improving, optimizing and boosting the performance of .NET applications.

Web Services and Application Frameworks (.NET and J2EE) [ Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ]

January 2008- This paper from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discusses the fundamentals of application frameworks, the fundamentals of Web Services and the relationship between application frameworks. The authors include discussion of the current state of Web Services standards support by the .NET and J2EE frameworks and detailed discussion on how companies should choose between the Microsoft .NET and J2EE frameworks. This white paper rounds up with a look at Web Services support by application ...

Dynamic Component Composition in .NET [ Source: ETH Zurich ]

January 2008- Nowadays, adding and composing non-functional requirements at deployment time or at runtime have become a ubiquitous way to deal with service integration such as transaction, security, replication and other high-level features. Deployment in component models. To partially achieve the static service integration, component models such as CORBA Component Model (CCM) and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) have emerged. Those standards specify how some services can be statically plugged into components. One of the most important contributions ...