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Ease Into The Cloud with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 [ Source: Red Hat ]

March 2014- Cloud computing has a lot of appeal, from autoscaling to lower costs, and it's all just a few clicks away.

Thus, the big question is not "why cloud?" but rather "how cloud?" Like many shifts in IT, cloud computing is a journey-one that may take years to complete, and one that depends on your definition of "complete." In truth, some applications? technology will never be truly considered final.

Red Hat been ...

Big Data & the Cloud: The Sum Is Greater Than the Parts [ Source: Viacode ]

March 2014- How do you accelerate business learning from big data analytics? The answer lies in combining big data processing and the cloud to take advantage of our hyperconnected world. Learn about the technology and tools that can harness the cloud's power to turn your data into new customer value

Pharm MD doubles performance while reducing costs with Rackspace Private Cloud [ Source: Rackspace ]

February 2014- Pharm MD doubled their performance and reduced their costs by moving to the Rackspace Private Cloud. They use Rackspace?s Core Support which provides installation, patching, troubleshooting, bug fixes and capacity management and have utilized Chef to help further automate their environment

ThinkBox Software uses Rackspace Private Cloud for high-volume data processing [ Source: Rackspace ]

February 2014- ThinkBox Software delivers efficient high-volume data processing on the Rackspace Private Cloud while meeting the security requirements of large motion picture studios who require complete secrecy for their next blockbuster movie

Ranker reduces spend by almost 60% with Rackspace [ Source: Rackspace ]

February 2014- Find out how Rackspace Private Cloud and Rackspace DevOps Support helped Ranker automate their cloud environment and increase stability and control while reducing their hosting spend by almost 60%

GigaOm Pro: The Rewards and Risks of Enterprise Mobility [ Source: Accellion ]

February 2014- The productivity gains that are uniquely enabled by the cloud and mobile also present significant enterprise security challenges. Valuable and private data stored on mobile devices presents potential nightmare scenarios for departments and teams using the technology as well as CIOs, CSOs, and IT managers. This research report will outline the importance of balancing the advantages and risk of increasing enterprise mobility.

BYOD File Sharing - Go Private Cloud to Mitigate Data Risks [ Source: Accellion ]

February 2014- The consumerization of IT and the popularity of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are jeopardizing the security and integrity of business data. Seeking an easy way to share files across smartphones, tablets, and desktops, employees are signing up for free public cloud file sharing services that lack rigorous security and audit controls. Download this whitepaper to learn the benefits of adopting private cloud solution for file sharing and synchronization

Connecting the clouds: Best Practices For Integrating IT Service Management [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- With software as a service (SaaS) you are integrating an external service, hosted by an external party, with your internal systems. The SaaS integration is a matter of connecting the clouds and well-articulated interfaces defining the data that is traveling back and forth. With the right integration strategy SaaS integration can be simple, straightforward, and easy. Moreover, it can position your IT organization to effectively leverage SaaS and migrate from one SaaS solution to another ...

5 Habits of Highly Successful Practitioners [ Source: Perforce ]

February 2014- Whether it's New York Stock Exchange or Netflix, Samsung or, companies of all kinds have embraced the design practice known as Continuous Delivery - a discipline in which software can be released to production at any time.

In this Best Practices eBook discover 5 habits that set top practitioners apart. Learn how to dramatically speed up your release cycles by:

• Thinking beyond code
• Automating, automating, automating
• Making everything ...

CDE Research Report: Mobility and Cloud [ Source: VMware / Carahsoft ]

February 2014- This paper discusses shifting campus and classrooms to cloud and mobility-enabled learning models.

Catching the Tide: VMware IT as a Service [ Source: VMware / Carahsoft ]

February 2014- This paper discusses how the evolution to IT as a Service goes beyond alignment with business goals and is poised to drive business goals in an alliance with government leaders.

Weathering the Storm: How Cloud Management Can Align Competing C-Suite Priorities [ Source: VMware / Carahsoft ]

February 2014- Despite varying perspectives, one can be sure that a change in the dynamic of the C-suite would create new questions on the way agencies manage their IT investments, especially cloud computing. As agencies move more of their mission critical workloads to the cloud, the alignment of priorities in the C-suite will make for a much smoother transition.

Moving To Hybrid Cloud: Top 5 Considerations [ Source: VMware / Carahsoft ]

February 2014- Here are the top five considerations to keep in mind as you begin evaluating hybrid cloud for your organization?s workloads.

Hybrid Cloud Brochure [ Source: VMware / Carahsoft ]

February 2014- Learn how VMware hybrid cloud services and solutions enable organizations to extend their data centers to the cloud with confidence, without having to change their applications or infrastructure

Accelerating Business Application Development: Download The Whitepaper [ Source: CloudShare ]

February 2014- Plenty of studies show that over 50% of organizations will increase their investments in cloud services over the next couple years. But did you know it does even more than increase agility and reduce costs when applied to dev/test? The challenges you face, from configuration difficulties to optimizing infrastructure hurdles, are eliminated with instant access to cloud-based environments built for business application development and testing. Now your line of business application can move into the ...

Security in Fax: Minimizing Breaches and Compliance Risks [ Source: Open Text ]

December 2013- Enterprises that rely heavily on fax view regulatory compliance as a major business component. Non-compliance issues that arise from security breaches and other forms of information leakage often result in substantial regulatory penalties, both civil and criminal. As government regulations regarding information security evolve, the need to align fax systems with compliance mandates becomes increasingly critical.

This whitepaper addresses regulatory compliance within fax communications and the steps enterprises can take to strategically leverage ...

Openshift Enterprise: An On-Premise,Private PaaS By Red Hat [ Source: Red Hat ]

December 2013- OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat is a cloud computing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution designed for on-premise or private cloud deployments. OpenShift Enterprise PaaS enables on-demand access to a cloud-based application platform. This lets enterprises easily build the applications they need and run them in a cloud architecture.

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Governmental Organizations Can Get The Best of Two Worlds [ Source: Red Hat ]

September 2013- A new storage architecture, Hybrid Cloud Storage is emerging on the market. Its architecture combines the benefits of on-premise Scale-out NAS with public Cloud storage. In January 2012 Aberdeen surveyed 106 organizations spanning various sectors (see sidebar) to how they are dealing with very high growth storage. In this report we look at each component of Hybrid Cloud Storage as users of this new technology will be able to choose where to locate their data, on-premise with ...

Implementing Messaging and Directory Services in Federal Agencies: The Real Cost of Inactivity [ Source: Dell Software ]

September 2013- Dell Software commissioned leading government market research provider Market Connections, Inc. to poll federal IT workers on awareness of, and attitudes toward, the use of cloud technology for messaging and directory services in federal agencies, especially the process and timelines associated with provisioning and de-provisioning users. The results and their importance to the federal government are explained in this white paper.

Cloud benefits for the IT Service Management Market [ Source: BMC Software ]

August 2013- The adoption of cloud-based solutions demands that the business take a look at the skills needed for success, the delivery channels that must be realigned, and the potential effects on the business. BMC explores how the right IT Service Management approach can drive user satisfaction and organizational success.

Take a Holistic Approach to Your Cloud Implementation [ Source: BMC Software ]

August 2013- Cloud is not simply a new technology platform, it’s a new way of running your IT processes. Success changes relationships with users, with services and with operations. Learn what to anticipate as you embark on cloud – and how to ensure success not just in your datacenter, but in your business.

Science Fiction Meets the Cloud [ Source: BMC Software ]

August 2013- If you're not excited about where technology is going in the next five to ten years, you may not be reading enough science fiction. Cloud computing makes feasible some things that have never existed before. Some of these things will be delightful; others may be too invasive. From smart glasses to citizen science - the next 10 years will be all about cloud computing. Get five key takeaways about the future of cloud operations.

Big Data Analytics in Government: How to Choose the Right Solution [ Source: Dell ]

July 2013- Federal data is growing at an alarming rate, fed by mobile technology, smart sensors, cloud services and mobile and online interactions. What's more, much of this data is unstructured - data like video, audio, email, sensor data, text messages and social media posts. Unstructured data is much more difficult to store, process and analyze than traditional, structured data from databases and transactional data. The challenge for government agencies is how to use this growing cache, ...

Forrester Whitepaper: IT Operations Managers Must Rethink Their Approach to Private Cloud [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

July 2013- Organizations of all types are attracted by the promises of private cloud computing, but few actually have the virtual maturity to be successful. This Forrester report reveals the latest virtualization trends so you can see how far your peers are in their journey to the private cloud. Read on and discover best practices for improving virtualization in order to prepare for the cloud.

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The Cloud - Inevitable, But Not Ambiguous [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

July 2013- With so much hype surrounding the cloud, most IT professionals understandably are left scratching their heads and wondering: Should I move to the cloud? Where will it be the most helpful? How can it help drive efficiencies? Where does it not make sense? How can I separate the potential from the marketing fluff?

Read this white paper to separate the technology and business potential from the marketing fluff. Get answers to your most ...

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