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Enterprise architects challenged to manage data explosion [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- Today's enterprise faces dramatic change and tremendous opportunity. Enterprise architects are finding it challenging to ensure adequate technology governance, drive transformational initiatives, and support critical business processes.

Collecting and storing unprecedented amounts of data threatens to usurp fundamental business processes and puts key initiatives at risk. Architects must take the lead in championing a future-proof data platform as digital media plays an increasingly important role in today's mobile, social, and web environments.

Administrators need an agile platform to usher the new era of enterprise storage [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- With the increasing demand for social, mobile, and big data applications, the creation and consumption of data continues to grow. Cloud computing is changing the way services are deployed and managed.

The enterprise IT landscape is evolving rapidly and software-defined storage is critical to its successful transformation. Read this whitepaper and learn how administrators are keeping up by guiding their enterprises toward new, software-defined storage platforms that simplify and unify storage capacity across ...

Architects lead the next generation of data-driven applications [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- Modern application architects are being asked to deliver a new era of social, mobile, and big data applications at a time when the entire application stack is shifting around them. Successful architects are taking a page out of the cloud computing playbook and turning to open, scale-out storage software running on industry-standard servers.

Read this whitepaper to find out how application architects can quickly and confidently deliver long-lasting applications that minimize cost, complexity, ...

A Modern Approach to the Data Deluge [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- Modern enterprises require I.T. organizations to become more agile to manage complex physical, virtual, and cloud technologies. I.T. leaders and their organizations must manage this complexity, keep operating costs low, and deliver on ever-increasing SLA expectations. With the rapid growth in unstructured data volumes, I.T. leaders are rethinking how storage is delivered for their organizations.

Read this whitepaper to learn how infrastructure leaders can confidently manage cost, complexity, and risk, ...

Server and system administrators challenged to keep up with enterprise storage explosion [ Source: Red Hat ]

April 2014- The rapid evolution of enterprise storage technologies, combined with external forces, like the explosion of big data, can cause Linux and server administrators to play catch-up when it comes to storage. Running a bunch of monolithic storage devices and proprietary, disconnected technologies forces administrators to spend valuable time creating and managing complex solutions.

To reduce complexity and enable rapid deployment of new technologies and applications, server administrators need a single open and extensible ...

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for OpenShift Enterprise [ Source: Red Hat ]

March 2014- Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for OpenShift Enterprise offering provides IT organizations with a simple and straightforward way to deploy and manage Java applications. This optional OpenShift Enterprise component further extends the developer and manageability benefits inherent in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for on-premise cloud environments.

Unlike other multi-product offerings, this is not a bundling of two separate products. JBoss Enterprise Middleware has been hosted on the OpenShift public offering for more ...

IBM i2 National Security and Defense Intelligence [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- The defense and national security environment has changed dramatically in recent years. While the government agencies involved in defense and in national security remain the key national lines of defense, the threats that these agencies face are now more sophisticated. Enemy actors are utilizing up-to-the-minute technologies, capable of operating across multiple jurisdictions and theaters, experts at obfuscating purpose and intent and practiced in using high-quality techniques to achieve their aims. And while the threats continue ...

5 Habits of Highly Successful Practitioners [ Source: Perforce ]

February 2014- Whether it's New York Stock Exchange or Netflix, Samsung or, companies of all kinds have embraced the design practice known as Continuous Delivery - a discipline in which software can be released to production at any time.

In this Best Practices eBook discover 5 habits that set top practitioners apart. Learn how to dramatically speed up your release cycles by:

Thinking beyond code
Automating, automating, automating
Making everything ...

Strategic Opportunity Analysis of the Global Smarter City Market [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- The way people live is changing - especially for large metropolitan areas. Read this executive report for information on the smart city market size opportunity, learn about smart city business models, funding mechanisms and get recommendations for businesses and cities.

Executive Checklist:Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) [ Source: Red Hat ]

March 2014- Maximizing your developers effectiveness and efficiency is key to enabling growth and positioning your IT Infra-structure as an asset within your organization. Making certain you have considered all the angles is crucial in your Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) success. The following checklist will help you assess your needs and possible business impacts to aid in your decision process for choosing which PaaS will benefit your developers, your infrastructure team, and your business.

Access Certification: Reducing Risk with the Right Information and Right Processes [ Source: Dell Software ]

October 2013- Compliance and access certification aren't negotiable, especially in health care, government departments, financial institutions and businesses accepting credit cards as payment. Failing to insure proper access rights could cause more than just a few headaches - it could lead to fines, lawsuits and loss of revenue.

In this new white paper, learn more about the challenges related to access certification. See three reasons why many managers don't have a better understanding of user ...

IAM for the Real World: Access Governance [ Source: Dell Software ]

October 2013- Managing identity and access across the enterprise is difficult enough, and even simple provisioning can be a nightmare. Factor in regulating compliance and navigating complex IT and user environments, and you're looking at pretty sizable challenge.

In this e-book, get the tips and best practices you need to solve your access governance challenges. Topics include:

The challenge of access governance illustrated by a workplace scenario

The key governance factors ...

The Economics of Software Based Storage [ Source: Red Hat ]

September 2013- There is no doubt that the shift to a software-defined datacenter has begun. This change is a one-way street and will have a profound impact on how IT is delivered. Storage will be the next area to morph to a software-defined model (computing was the first with server virtualization). The initial charter for the shared storage architecture was to bring together the essential datacenter storage elements under a single umbrella. Businesses that choose to deploy ...

Implementing Messaging and Directory Services in Federal Agencies: The Real Cost of Inactivity [ Source: Dell Software ]

September 2013- Dell Software commissioned leading government market research provider Market Connections, Inc. to poll federal IT workers on awareness of, and attitudes toward, the use of cloud technology for messaging and directory services in federal agencies, especially the process and timelines associated with provisioning and de-provisioning users. The results and their importance to the federal government are explained in this white paper.

9 Reasons why Citrix NetScaler beats F5 [ Source: Citirx ]

August 2013- Citrix NetScaler beats F5's BIG-IP and VIPRION devices in making enterprise networks cloud-ready.

Application delivery controllers (ADC) are one of the most critical elements of federal government cloud infrastructures and enterprise datacenter architectures. ADCs strongly impact performance, scale and security of the entire application environment, so it is extremely important for federal IT leaders to choose the right one.

Relied upon to power the world's largest enterprise datacenters and cloud ...

Improve Government with a Smarter Process Approach [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- A Smarter Process vision for the public sector. Providing a superior experience for citizens and constituents is not easy, and gone are the days when problematic customer interactions can be smoothed over by empathetic service representatives. In an omni-channel world, the number of citizen touch points is not only increasing, but is increasingly automated, and governments will not get many chances to take the steps that are required to make things right. Unlike at any ...

Change Your Mobile Application Challenges into Opportunities [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- The mobile device market is rapidly changing, and the expanded capabilities create unique opportunities to rethink business processes to take advantage of these features. But how can an IT team keep up with the rapid releases to deliver a consistent experience? Learn what should be considered during planning to develop and deliver successful mobile applications.

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Governance for All: Empowering IT and Business Content Owners [ Source: Dell Software ]

July 2013- Governance for all is more than an IT initiative or a goal written in a plan document; it's a strategy that unites IT and business content owners to achieve their SharePoint goals. At its best, governance means empowering self-governance, with tools like delegated access, effective reporting, and automated policy enforcement. This white paper explains how to create a "governance for all" strategy that will enhance SharePoint adoption and its benefits to the organization.

5 things to expect from APM Analytics [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- Today, IT organizations collect massive amounts of data which is related to application availability and performance. Due to the size of the dataset, most of that data is not usable. It is not leveraged for earlier problem detection nor is it used for quicker pinpointing of the root cause. What is lacking is an analytical approach and automated intelligence to correlate disparate metrics and events, help predict potential problems before those impact the business and ...

A CIO Guide: Building Business Trust with Application Performance Monitoring [ Source: Dell ]

June 2013- This EMA white paper highlights key steps that CIOs can take to ensure business relevance in this age of disruptive technologies and evolving "best practices." Taking into account the high stakes and complexities surrounding the delivery of modern applications, EMA sees leading-edge management solutions as being a key to harnessing disruption to deliver business value.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions provide a fundamental foundation for delivering high quality modern applications. They enable IT ...

Metzler: The 2013 Application and Service Delivery Handbook [ Source: Silver Peak ]

June 2013- The goal of the 2013 Application and Service Delivery Handbook is to help IT organizations ensure acceptable application and/or service delivery when faced with both the first generation, as well as the emerging second generation of application and service delivery challenges.

Riverbed vs Silver Peak: WAN Optimization Vendors Put to the Test [ Source: Silver Peak ]

June 2013- Enterprises are relying on WANs to carry more data than ever. With cloud computing, offsite disaster recovery and big data on the rise, it's more important than ever for IT professionals to boost application performance across the WAN. However, times are changing. Instead of deploying a physical WAN optimization appliance to improve application performance, the industry is moving to a better approach - virtual WAN acceleration software. It can be downloaded in minutes, runs almost ...

Forrester report: Anywhere, Anytime, Any-Device Engagement With A Stateless Mobile Architecture [ Source: WatchDox ]

May 2013- According to Forrester surveys, 91% of US consumers have at least one connected device. Business users are putting increased demands on internal IT to deliver mobile-enabled functions for anytime, anywhere, any-device access to information. How can enterprises prepare for the future of mobility with the requisite controls and security?

Download this "Forrester Report" and discover:

•  Major business and IT trends that will affect the development of a future-proof mobile support strategy
•  ...

Transitioning to Multicore Development [ Source: Rogue Wave Software ]

May 2013- As you think about your application in the context of new multicore systems you may wonder: What does it mean to transition my application to multicore? What is the essence of a multicore application? What are the tradeoffs involved? What are the changes you need to make?

This paper, part one of two, answers these questions, showing you how to transition an application to run on a multicore system smoothly and correctly.

Government Analytics: Set Goals, Drive Accountability and Improve Outcomes [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Access to reliable, cross-department mission and financial and operational performance information is crucial to ensure transparency and accountability. Read the white paper to see how analytics unites data silos so that government agencies can set goals, make more informed decisions and achieve improved outcomes for citizens.

Four starting points for effective IT project and portfolio management [ Source: HP ]

April 2013- This paper provides important insights into the root causes of project failures and misalignment with business unit expectations, along with possible solutions. It illustrates the path to optimized project and portfolio management from four different starting points, and provides step-by-step advice to help you reach new milestones quickly. It is intended to help you make the transition from managing IT projects to managing business outcomes.

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