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MarkLogic Semantics [ Source: MarkLogic Corporation ]

August 2014- Semantics provides a universal framework to describe and link different data so that it can be better understood and searched holistically, allowing both people and computers to see and discover relationships in the data. MarkLogic gives you the power to store and query linked data, including a native RDF Triple Store that can be queried with SPARQL--all right inside MarkLogic.

Migrating to an Enterprise-Class Hybrid Cloud for Government: Top 5 Considerations [ Source: VMware ]

September 2014- Instead of operating a combination of onsite and offsite IT environments and struggling to maintain both new and legacy applications and infrastructure, vCloud Government Service provides the right mix of internal controls with the ability to securely scale to meet demand for IT resources. As you contemplate migrating basic workloads and/or mission-critical and sensitive data to the cloud, be sure to address these top 5 considerations.

Top 7 Benefits of an Enterprise-Class Hybrid Cloud for Government [ Source: VMware ]

September 2014- The hybrid cloud is becoming more and more prevalent - in fact, nearly three-fourths of large enterprises expect to have hybrid deployments by 2015.

Let's take a look at the benefits of this hybrid cloud service.

Capstone Compliance Using Symantec Archiving and eDiscovery Solutions [ Source: Thundercat Technology, Symantec ]

July 2014- Government agencies' email volume has outstripped the capabilities of paper-based records management. The "Capstone" process addresses this issue by providing for electronic capture and management of email records. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Bulletin 2013-02 outlines the process and provides guidance for agencies considering whether and how to implement it.

Oracle Engineered Systems for Govies eBook [ Source: DLT Solutions ]

June 2014- Government organizations face constant challenges with database servers, storage networks, business applications and network infrastructure. In this ebook, you will discover how Oracle Engineered Systems optimizes hardware and software configurations by combining servers, storage, and networking equipment in integrated boxes.

Strategic Opportunity Analysis of the Global Smarter City [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- The research service sets the stage for visionary thinking by identifying and analyzing one of the significant Mega Trends, Smart is the New Green. 'Smart' as a value proposition has been increasingly replacing 'Green' concepts. This presentation would highlight examples of projects, companies and technologies that will invade and change the smart city space globally in the next decade. It also provides information on the total addressable smart city market size opportunity and discusses smart ...

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Governmental Organizations Can Get The Best of Two Worlds [ Source: Red Hat ]

September 2013- A new storage architecture, Hybrid Cloud Storage is emerging on the market. Its architecture combines the benefits of on-premise Scale-out NAS with public Cloud storage. In January 2012 Aberdeen surveyed 106 organizations spanning various sectors (see sidebar) to how they are dealing with very high growth storage. In this report we look at each component of Hybrid Cloud Storage as users of this new technology will be able to choose where to locate their data, on-premise with ...

3 Keys to Building a Sustainable Mobile Infrastructure [ Source: VMware ]

September 2013- Government agencies are going mobile and need the productivity gains and savings it can bring. Many strategies provide short-term success, but can take agencies down the wrong road. Learn three keys to developing a sustainable mobile infrastructure.

Stay compliant and IT-friendly with NAC Security [ Source: ForeScout ]

June 2013- Confused about Network Access Control? NAC is critical to an enterprise network's defense against unauthorized devices. Don't sacrifice on business process. ForeScout's CounterACT offers granular policy control with the least amount of user disruption.

Forrester report: Anywhere, Anytime, Any-Device Engagement With A Stateless Mobile Architecture [ Source: WatchDox ]

May 2013- According to Forrester surveys, 91% of US consumers have at least one connected device. Business users are putting increased demands on internal IT to deliver mobile-enabled functions for anytime, anywhere, any-device access to information. How can enterprises prepare for the future of mobility with the requisite controls and security?

Download this "Forrester Report" and discover:

•  Major business and IT trends that will affect the development of a future-proof mobile support strategy
•  ...

The Power of Cloud: Driving Business Model Innovation [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Although cloud capabilities offer numerous opportunities to drive business innovation, its potential beyond technological capabilities remains virtually untapped. Read the white paper to learn more about the benefits of cloud-enabled business models in promoting sustainable competitive advantage.

Managing Data through Replication [ Source: Dell ]

March 2013- Data is growing - and quickly. So how do you effectively manage and protect it? CIOs and other IT entities are looking for ways to secure their rapidly expanding data and ensure its availability during times of emergency and importance. Data replication may be the way. This issue brief explores the ins and outs of data replication?how it works, what it offers and its appeal to IT professionals.

Improving Shared Services and SLA Accountability through APM [ Source: Dell ]

March 2013- The escalation of shared services implementations in the public sector has emphasized the need for IT to deliver comprehensive performance and user experience metrics. Without them, organizations can't accurately measure common benchmarks that make shared services financially sound. To achieve this level of insight, organizations are increasingly turning to application performance monitoring (APM).

IDC: Delivering Customer Value with Enterprise Flash Deployments [ Source: NetApp ]

March 2013- When it comes to flash, "one size does not fit all." IDC examines recent flash trends in enterprise storage deployments, highlighting how SSDs are filling in gaps of existing storage systems when coupled with intelligent archiving and automated tiering, the pros and cons of different SSD approaches, and tips to overcome concerns of reliability, manageability and scalability.

The Integrated Enterprise: Connecting the Dots Between Business, IT, and Project Success with EPPM [ Source: Oracle ]

March 2013- Today in almost every enterprise, business growth and IT investment are inextricably linked. Learn how the right integrated EPPM solution can impact the enterprise and help ensure profitability and project success.

IBM Platform Symphony Government [ Source: IBM ]

March 2013- The drive to capitalize on big data in government is strong, yet the influx of this data is presenting new challenges for IT departments. For example, analyzing and storing big data requires substantial infrastructure resources, but with declining budgets and limited data center capacities, IT groups cannot simply add hardware as they might have in the past. To control costs, they need to make better use of existing resources. To take advantage of big data ...

What is an Enterprise-Class MapReduce Distributed Run-Time Engine, and Why Use It? [ Source: IBM ]

March 2013- The explosive growth of data is creating significant challenges for many companies. Challenges include physical storage, lack of data mobility, and the escalating costs of managing, storing and processing large, growing data sets. Organizations need the ability to analyze and gain insights from vast amounts of retained data for a variety of business purposes including customer billing, fraud detection and data mining to find new revenue opportunities. This collection of challenges is often referred to ...

Okta Identity Management for Portals Built on [ Source: Okta ]

February 2013- The's suite of platforms and applications offer enterprises the ability to roll out rich customer-facing applications quickly, with no hardware or operations infrastructure required. The suite provides both packaged solutions, like the Salesforce CRM Customer Portal, and a platform for custom application development.

However, challenges can arise when enterprises need to integrate systems not built on, or not built within the same organization. Solving this problem with ...

Moving Beyond User Names and Passwords: An Overview of Okta's Multifactor Authentication Capability [ Source: Okta ]

June 2013- Typical web applications are protected with single-factor authentication: a user name and password. These credentials, in addition to being difficult to manage, leave sensitive data and applications vulnerable to a variety of common attacks. As enterprises adopt more cloud applications, addressing this threat will become critical. Unlike older on-premises applications, cloud applications are accessible to anyone on the public Internet. Multifactor authentication (MFA) is designed to protect against the range of attacks that rely on ...

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study: Okta Identity Management Service [ Source: Okta ]

June 2013- For this October 2012 study, Okta commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Okta On-Demand Identity and Access Management service. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Okta on their organization. For this study, Forrester conducted an interview with one existing Okta customer.

The analysis showed that Okta benefited ...

Top 8 Identity & Access Management Challenges with Your Saas Applications [ Source: Okta ]

June 2013- With the exploding adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, enterprise IT is fundamentally changing. While on-demand services provide tremendous ROI, they also introduce new challenges that must be overcome to truly capitalize on their potential. Identity management problems such as controlling who is granted access to which applications and data and how to control access to these applications leveraging on premise directories such as Active Directory, have become increasingly important. Single Sign-On and user management solutions ...

Accelerating economic growth and vitality through smarter public safety management [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- Many public safety agencies need to do more with less and link spending to outcomes. The global trends highlighted in this report show the increasing challenges and issues confronting public safety agencies.

This white paper describes how developing competencies in five key area can help public safety agencies more effectively do their jobs in the face of extremely important and difficult sets of issues.

Crime Prediction and Prevention: A safer public through advanced analytics [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- Crime prediction and prevention analytics from IBM helps agencies make the best use of the people and information at hand to monitor, measure and predict crime and crime trends. Analysis of police data provides insight that lets officers track criminal activities, predict the likelihood of incidents,effectively deploy resources and solve cases faster.

Enterprise File Sharing White Paper by Osterman Research [ Source: Proofpoint ]

February 2013- Organizations that do not manage file transfer processes properly can expose themselves to a variety of undesirable consequences, but what they need is a better method to manage the large file sharing process that will minimize the risk of exposing sensitive enterprise data, make it easier to manage files in compliance with corporate policies, and make secure file sharing as easy as sending files through email.

Read this Osterman white paper, Enterprise Requirements ...

Big Data Solutions to Enterprise Data Security Challenges [ Source: Proofpoint ]

February 2013- Learn how Big Data analysis techniques gives enterprises the data security they need to withstand today's highly customized inbound attacks.

Enterprises today are exposed to a range of IT security threats, from basic annoyances such as auto-emailed viruses, to targeted phishing-style attacks that trick employees into clicking on dangerous links that install malware, steal credentials, or in some other way jeopardize the security of the enterprise. As threats have evolved over time, new ...

Foxit PDF Security Suite Integrated with Microsoft® Active Directory® Rights Management Service [ Source: Foxit Software ]

February 2013- Microsoft® Active Directory® Rights Management Services (AD RMS) provides protection to digital documents that meet enterprise and governmental security governance requirements. Since Microsoft's support of AD RMS protects Microsoft Office® documents only, Microsoft provides a RMS Software Development Kit (SDK) for software companies to extend AD RMS support beyond Office documents. Read more now

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