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Turn Federal Data into Actionable Insights [ Source: Dell ]

July 2013- When federal leaders discuss solutions for big-data initiatives, they consider ease of use and affordability.

In this GCN technical brief, learn more about the Kitenga™ Analytics Suite. Discover the four major analytics technologies it combines, how quickly it can be up and running and how simple it is to use and tailor to fit any federal agency and budget.

Proving Value in an age of Austerity: A New Normal for US Government Programmes [ Source: Oracle ]

June 2013- Government agencies may need to re]evaluate their project portfolios to ensure that their limited funding is invested in programs that satisfy their mandates and stated goals. Both current and proposed initiatives will need to be adequately monitored and assessed for value. In addition, program managers will need to learn how best to foster a positive dialogue with legislators and other stakeholders who are under pressure to cut funding.

This article will explore ...

The Power of Cloud: Driving Business Model Innovation [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Although cloud capabilities offer numerous opportunities to drive business innovation, its potential beyond technological capabilities remains virtually untapped. Read the white paper to learn more about the benefits of cloud-enabled business models in promoting sustainable competitive advantage.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities [ Source: IBM ]

May 2012- What if cities could improve services for their citizens without increasing costs? Cities are complex organizations, with numerous departments in charge of a wide range of essential functions, from water management to public safety. Collaboration across those groups is critical for addressing crises, successfully completing projects and enhancing the efficiency of daily operations.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities offers a centralized, real-time collaborative environment for planning, organizing, monitoring and sharing information ...

Advanced Case Management: Making its Mark on Key Government Sectors [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- National, regional and local government organizations have the unending responsibility to ensure that they are running their programs as effectively as possible, based on the strategies they adopt and the technology available to them. Government agencies are discovering new opportunities within their case management practices to improve case outcomes, reduce handling costs and enhance program performance. Learn more

Analytics for Achievement Understand success and boost performance in primary and secondary education [ Source: IBM ]

March 2012- Few would dispute that education paves the way to personal and societal prosperity. Education has the power to lift people out of poverty, it also helps us live fuller lives, make wiser choices and contribute to our communities in more meaningful ways. Education creates equality by opening up opportunities to everyone, not just those with privileged backgrounds.

Most countries recognize the importance of investing in high-quality education. The United States has increased investment ...

Improve your buildings IQ with IBMsolutions forSmarter Buildings: Better buildings for a better bottom line [ Source: IBM ]

March 2012- In today's building management environment, organizations are stretching out capital improvement projects and delaying upgrades. At the same time, they still must maintain their existing assets and ensure tenant satisfaction. They are looking for ways to consolidate space and improve space planning.

Concurrently, energy costs are rising. Commercial buildings consume more electricity than any other type of physical asset or structure -- and they generate approximately 10 percent of all green-house gas emissions. Excluding ...

IBM Rational solutions for smarter government services [ Source: IBM ]

February 2012- Leading in the face of global challenges in our tumultuous time, where many governments face budget shortfalls and looming devicits and where governments in emerging economies are expanding services to improve the quality of life for citizens, services organizations are facing intense challenges.

Many government agencies serve as the frontline response to citizen needs and are experiencing significant increases in the demand for services. At the same time, agencies are generally operating with ...

Improve Business Performance in a Project-Intensive World [ Source: Oracle ]

March 2012- Improving business performance is all about increasing productivity, reducing resource usage, increasing value, and lowering costs. Project-intensive businesses face the double challenge of having to do so both in the project teams delivering individual projects and in the business as a whole. But while it is difficult to accomplish both in conjunction, with the correct approach and mentality it is very achievable.

This white paper examines how project trends have a direct impact ...

Creating value in the Public Sector: intelligent project selection in the US federal government [ Source: Oracle ]

March 2012- Federal agencies are refining program management practices in response to the Obama administration's Government Accountability Initiative. Learn more.

IT Management for 21st Century Government [ Source: Solarwinds ]

September 2011- SolarWinds IT management products are used by virtually every civilian agency, state government, and branch of the military.

Discover why SolarWinds provides powerful and affordable IT management software to federal, state, local and education customers - from enterprise deployments to tactical networks supporting warfighters. Built by IT pros for IT pros, our products are downloadable, easy-to-use and maintain, and provide the power, scale, and flexibility required to manage today's complex, multi-vendor IT environments. <...

Defining and Planning Continuous Monitoring for NIST Requirements [ Source: Tripwire ]

August 2011- The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released new Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) guidance in two publications. The aim of the new guidance is to help federal agencies develop a continuous monitoring program as part of a risk management framework. It is also supposed to help the government gain an enterprise-wide view of its security stance by using automation to roll up reports of security information across all agencies.


Demystifying the Cloud [ Source: Kurt Salmon ]

March 2011- Cloud computing has been a high-profile topic among technology professionals for the past two years. Publications covering cloud computing have emphasized the public cloud offerings by companies like Google, Salesforce and Rackspace as an easy and cost-effective way to obtain application functionality.

However, cloud computing has much deeper implications for CIOs and their organizations. It bridges the gap between the need for more flexibility from users and CFOs’ need for fewer capital expenditures ...

Federal Roadmap to the Cloud [ Source: VMware ]

March 2011- The Federal CIO Council has set its sights on driving change across the Federal government. Its goal is to reduce the Government’s enormous IT spend and drive efficiency back into data center operations by eliminating redundant infrastructures, leveraging economies of scale, and changing management focus from owning and maintaining assets to service delivery.

A move towards cloud computing requires CIOs to figure out how to stitch together today’s physical data centers ...

Outsourcing for Start-Ups: Myth-busting [ Source: IT Sourcing Europe Limited ]

September 2010- Although in today's business world many start-up companies are often put under pressure to reduce operating costs via the outsourced software development by their investors and/or venture capitalists (VCs), it is still widely believed that only non-core development and/or testing functions can be outsourced to a third party offshore, nearshore, or within home country. IT Sourcing Europe busts some major myths of IT outsourcing for start-up companies.

The New Age of Compliance: Preparing your organization for a new era of increased accountability and enforcement [ Source: HP/Autonomy ]

May 2010- There are not “regulated” industries that must preserve records and “unregulated” industries that can discard their records with impunity. Rather, there are heavily regulated industries and less heavily regulated industries. So, all organizations must be compliant to some degree.

This paper examines the current state of regulatory compliance, the impact of non-compliance, the current political environment and the shift in the compliance landscape and compliance enforcement. Also discussed are best practices that can ...

Rightsourcing: The Answer To Outsourcing Confusion [ Source: PITSS America LLC ]

March 2010- The Obama Administration’s FY2010 budget guidelines reignited questions about how agencies can best comply with evolving OMB mandates for when to insource or outsource federal contracts. A new white paper by PITSS America explains how even in the absence of clear rules agencies can develop a “rightsizing” approach that takes advantage of solutions like PITSS.converter. The application delivers a clear ROI for Oracle Forms and Reports migrations that can save typical agencies hundreds ...

Telstra & WWF: Using ICT To Drive Your Sustainability Strategy [ Source: Telstra Enterprise and Government - Sustainability ]

April 2009- As the issue of climate change becomes an increasing focus of government, public, and industry concern, savvy organizations are recognizing the imperative to have an effective sustainability strategy. Taking mitigating action, through investment in technologies that could help reduce carbon footprints, such as network-centric ICT, will be central to achieving real and quantifiable sustainability and productivity inroads. This whitepaper released by Telstra and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia highlights how Information and Communication Technology (...

The Role Of Public-Private Partnerships: Closing The Infrastructure Gap [ Source: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu ]

January 2008- Citizens across America confront the nation’s glaring infrastructure deficit daily. Evidence of the large and growing gap between infrastructure needs and the resources that governments have historically invested in meeting those needs is everywhere: congested roads; bridges in need of repair; poorly maintained transit systems; and deteriorated schools and waste treatment facilities all in urgent need of rehabilitation and repair. Increasingly governments around the world and state and local governments in the United States ...

Superannuation Planning For Small Business Owners [ Source: American Express ]

January 2008- A business owner ignores superannuation (particularly after the latest Federal Budget) at their own risk. And that’s not just because there’s a big stick ready to beat if one don’t get it right (with the ATO now on the case, it’s a very big stick). It’s because one will be kicking oneself if one miss out on the many advantages of super for small business owners. This paper from American ...

Encouraging Small Business Growth Enabling The Enterprise Revolution [ Source: CBI Centre Point ]

January 2008- In 2000, the government set itself the target of making the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a business by 2005. The Small Business Service (SBS) then set out seven themes to deliver this target, including ’Building the capability for small business growth’. This paper from CBI brief puts forward key recommendations for building on the work already done, and delivering on this theme.

Offshoring Radiology Services To India [ Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology ]

January 2008- This research paper discusses teleradiology and medical image reconstruction from the perspectives of both India and its client countries. Radiology is an ""Extreme"" professional service with extensive usage of tacit rather than codified knowledge. The importance of tacit knowledge leads to long training periods, a limited global supply of radiologists and heavy government regulation, all of which are obstacles to a ""Flat world"". Computerization of low-end diagnostic radiology ultimately poses a bigger threat to the ...

Projecting Cash Flow [ Source: American Express ]

January 2008- Cash flow problems often catch small business owners by surprise. An accurate cash flow projection can protect entrepreneurs against this situation. A cash flow projection charts the amounts of money the business expects to receive and pay out each month in a rolling six- or twelve-month period. This forecast takes into account: the lag time between billing the clients and getting paid; incurring an expense and paying for it; and collecting taxes that aren’t ...

Privatization For Development [ Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology ]

January 2008- Whenever a sector of the economy, for instance Information and Communication Technology (ICT), is not operating at its optimum level, the government should be willing to acknowledge this fact and seek help from the private sector. The examples from Ghana show that there is much to be gained from privatization. But before any government rushes into privatizing its companies, it should first look at some of the problems that privatization can bring. Some of these ...

Government And Market Failures In Emerging Market Economies [ Source: Columbia University ]

January 2008- This research paper from Columbia University discusses how market and government failures influence the design of institutions supporting corporate finance in emerging market economies. Weaknesses in these institutions are an important part of the explanation for why more capital is not flowing from the capital-rich to the capital-poor economies. Even in countries that now enjoy large inflows of direct investment may find weak corporate governance and poorly functioning bankruptcy procedures to be critical if these ...

Understanding Entrepreneurship [ Source: Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation ]

January 2008- This paper from Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation highlights one of several exciting data projects at U.S. statistical agencies. The paper contains the thoughts of some of the leading researchers of entrepreneurship. By its nature, the research is designed to produce answers to what one does not know. In the pages leading experts have identified some of what they know from their past research and what questions they believe still require answers.

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