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Strategic Opportunity Analysis of the Global Smarter City [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- The research service sets the stage for visionary thinking by identifying and analyzing one of the significant Mega Trends, Smart is the New Green. 'Smart' as a value proposition has been increasingly replacing 'Green' concepts. This presentation would highlight examples of projects, companies and technologies that will invade and change the smart city space globally in the next decade. It also provides information on the total addressable smart city market size opportunity and discusses smart ...

Edge Virtual Server Infrastructure [ Source: Blue River Information Technology and Riverbed ]

March 2013- Seamless integration between the data center and globally distributed locations at the edge

Maximizing user productivity regardless of where they reside is a key requirement but for branch offices, there is a particular challenge - where to place the resources the users need. Typically, it is a choice between the branch and the data center.

So what is the best approach? Until now, organizations had to choose between one or the ...

BYOD: Focus on the User Experience Not the Device [ Source: Avaya ]

April 2013- The evolution of devices, integration of technology into personal lives, availability of cloud-based services and wireless evolution has moved bring-your-own-device (BYOD) from vision to reality. With demand for BYOD as high as it is, it's possible that staying with the status quo and not moving to BYOD is a bigger risk than implementing it.

This ZK Research report examines these risks, the benefits of BYOD, key IT issues when it comes to implementing ...

BYOD and the Wireless Revolution [ Source: Avaya ]

April 2013- On average, a new wireless device, complete with its own quirks and running on an increasingly sophisticated array of operating systems, reaches the market every 45 days. For IT departments whose networks are ready to support the surge in wireless traffic, the "bring your own device" (BYOD) revolution promises huge gains in productivity, mobility and cost savings, all on devices purchased by the employees.

This Avaya whitepaper addresses the challenges and opportunities of supporting ...

Deliver the Cloud Network: Take a walk in the CLOUD with scalable network [ Source: HP ]

December 2012- Successful cloud computing depends on an agile and scalable network that's built on open standards and orchestrated to handle the demands of virtualization, with its intensive traffic among servers. Today's networks must be fast and flexible to meet the needs of diverse mobile users, host a constantly changing array of applications, and maintain a security perimeter.

Don't miss this overview of why a cloud-optimized network is necessary and how your organization can deploy ...

Enabling video communication in state, local and provincial governments [ Source: HP ]

November 2012- HP's FlexNetwork architecture is designed to allow IT to manage different network segments through a single pane-of-glass management application--HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC). Because the architecture is based on open standards, government agencies have the freedom to choose the proven solution for their businesses.

FlexNetwork helps government IT departments to securely deploy and centrally orchestrate video-optimized solutions that scale from the data center to the network edge. Find out more by downloading this ...

Eight Steps to MDM 2.0 [ Source: Zenprise ]

November 2012- Businesses today expect more from mobile-they want to put mobile to work. They want to make their mobile apps "business-ready" and keep their mobile content secure. Arm yourself with the Eight Steps to MDM 2.0 report from Zenprise to help you get there.

Smart Devices, Smart Security [ Source: Voltage Security ]

November 2012- Once mostly prohibited by IT, smartphones and tablets—such as Android-based phones and Apple iPads—are now being used by hundreds of millions of employees worldwide to access, transmit and store corporate information in today’s 24x7 business environment. This “extended enterprise” introduces new challenges and complexities for IT.

Not surprisingly, security has emerged as the No. 1 challenge posed by the BYOD trend. Traditional security approaches typically involve perimeter-based security controls such as ...

Gartner MarketScope for Wireless LAN Intrusion Prevention Systems [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

October 2012- Wireless LAN intrusion prevention systems address evolving wireless security threats. WLAN IPS is a distinct market, but baseline security is increasingly satisfied by products and capabilities from WLAN infrastructure vendors.

AirPlay and AirPrint on Campus Networks [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

October 2012- Let your users wirelessly print from iPads, project in conference rooms, and share content using Apple TVs. Aruba AirGroup makes it possible to use Apple Bonjour services in the enterprise or in classrooms based on the user's identity and location.

State and Local Government Mobility Whitepaper [ Source: HP ]

August 2012- Video, voice, the Internet, rich media, and GPS are all being used in new applications to move government forward. With that also come challenges posed by legacy systems.

State, local, and provincial governments will need to migrate low-performance, ad hoc, easily compromised wireless installations to enhanced WLAN architecture. Delve into this whitepaper and find out why HP is the foundation for government services with affordable, sophisticated, easy-to-manage and connected solutions.


Secure, easy-to-own networks for state, local, and provincial governments [ Source: HP ]

August 2012- There has been a lot of press about government modernization lately. The systems and processes that keep governments running are outdated and inefficient. Meanwhile, citizens and government employees are demanding new services-from public school employees who want to take advantage of the advancements in digital technology to citizens who want online access to government records to public safety employees who are asking that emergency notification systems be equipped with mobile access to text, data, images, ...

Federal Government Solution Brief [ Source: HP ]

June 2012- As the U.S. economy continues to sputter, the federal government has intensified its focus on using IT to enable innovation and create new avenues for joint operations and operational efficiency.

Government agencies that want to harness the power of cloud computing, data center consolidation, cyber security, and energy efficiency can look to the HP FlexNetwork architecture, the industry’s only unified network architecture. With the HP FlexNetwork architecture, agencies can deploy solutions ...

State and local governments target next-generation mobility [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

August 2012- Download this whitepaper to learn how state and local governments can leverage next-generation mobility to imrpove access for workers and citizens, while protecting privacy/data easing/unifying management and lowering total cost of ownership.

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Strategy Guide to Converged Infrastructure in Government [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

May 2013- With HP's Converged Infrastructure, state and local governments build a foundation that can meet the demand for new services - from drivers wanting to renew their licenses via mobile phones to police officers requiring instant views from remote video surveillance. By offering three different converged infrastructure reference solutions, HP enables you to tailor the solutions to your size and needs. Download this rich media whitepaper to learn how and to hear from up to 3 customer ...

The Federal Agenda: How to Optimize a Windows 7 Deployment [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

February 2012- As Federal agencies work to meet the demands of citizens for more accountability and transparency, IT execs must enable greater flexibility for users within the agencies, while maintaining tight controls over their computer environments. More federal agencies are migrating to Windows 7 for highly optimized desktops and security. Find out how.

iPhone Forensics: Storing Personal Information [ Source: viaForensics ]

November 2010- This white paper is designed for forensic analysts, corporations, and consumers who want to understand what personal information is stored on the iPhone and how to recover it. The research reveals the vast amount of personal information stored on Apple's iPhone and reviews techniques and software for retrieving this information. Mobile forensics has matured significantly over the past few years. In the past, a very limited amount of data existed on mobile phones so the ...

RFID Interoperability in the Spotlight [ Source: MET Laboratories ]

June 2010- The common definition of Interoperability is that of "the functional testing of a product against another product according to a set of test specifications." Unfortunately, this definition does not meet RFID requirements. The primary reason for it is that RFID implementations consist of a system of hardware, data, and software. RFID tags communicate with readers and exchange data using air interface protocols. Software facilities communications between readers, RFID middleware, and enterprise applications such as ERPs ...

Delivery Media to iPhones and iPads With Helix Solutions [ Source: RealNetworks Inc ]

June 2010- Adoption of mobile multimedia has grown steadily to where over 50% of mobile devices have the ability to support playback of video and video content. While delivering live or on-demand content to these devices has been difficult based on the range of protocols, codecs, networks, and standards available as well as end users reluctance to pay additional data charges for such content, RealNetworks Helix Media Delivery Platform is seen as a leader in meeting the requirements ...

LTE Advanced: Mobile Broadband [ Source: Teleca ]

April 2010- This paper provides an overview of some technology components currently considered for the evolution of LTE, referred to as LTE-Advanced, which falls under the Release 10 category of 3GPP. A brief overview of the requirements of the LTE Advanced and frequency spectrum details are presented. The technology components considered for LTE Advanced include extended spectrum flexibility to support up to 100 MHz bandwidth, enhanced multi-antenna solutions with up to eight layer transmission in the downlink and up ...

Unified Services Of AAA In 4G LTE Networks [ Source: Tech Mahindra Ltd. [R&D Services] ]

November 2009- The present technical white paper outlines the role of AAA services for 3GPP and non-3GPP system access in LTE technology. This paper is intended for the users studying the core networks aspects of LTE systems and SAE gateway.

Future-Forward To 802.11n [ Source: Lionbridge Technologies ]

March 2009- The crucial interoperability of wireless network devices built around the 802.11 standard is threatened by the advent of new and faster technologies. The IEEE is trying to cope by introducing the 802.11n standard--but it’s still in draft form. Meanwhile, how can manufacturers cope with the confusion and promise surrounding 802.11’s future? The situation is outlined, and a forward path, based on strategic testing, is proposed.

Teleworking and the Continuity of Operations [ Source: Adobe ]

February 2009- Telework isn't just a way to reduce commuting costs; it's a strategic advantage and a promising work practice that achieves multiple goals. This document outlines the factors spurring telework and identifies its challenges. Plus, see how Adobe addresses the unique technology requirements associated with teleworking.

Communications Continuity Solutions for Government Agencies [ Source: Sprint ]

June 2009- Secure, reliable communications are absolutely critical for government agencies. In the case of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other large-scale emergency, the costs of communication failures are measured in lost lives or millions of dollars in property damage. Download this brief to learn more about secure communications solutions.

Converged Communications Solutions for Federal Government Agencies [ Source: Sprint ]

June 2009- The success of continuity programs is dependent on the availability of robust, effective and secure communications to provide Federal Agencies the ability to access critical applications and to quickly share vital information. Download this paper to learn how leveraging a flexible IP core can enable Government voice, video and data applications.

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Solution Brief [ Source: Riverbed ]

August 2009- Riverbed works with many government organizations, from one of the world’s largest navies to major civilian agencies. In this brief, you’ll learn how our WAN optimization solutions have helped government agencies to improve their COOP strategy and disaster preparedness in three key areas: improving the security and speed of data back-up processes, accelerating data replication, and improving access to information for mobile field units and mobile workers, enabling them to work from anywhere.

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