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Helping Government Case Workers Help Citizens [ Source: VMware / Carahsoft ]

November 2014- By providing case workers with mobile devices or allowing them to use their own to access data, files, and virtual desktops, agencies will save money, simplify IT management, reduce the burden on IT staff, increase security, and help ensure case worker safety. But most importantly, enhanced mobility empowers case workers to do what they were hired to do--help the citizens of their communities.

MarkLogic Semantics [ Source: MarkLogic Corporation ]

August 2014- Semantics provides a universal framework to describe and link different data so that it can be better understood and searched holistically, allowing both people and computers to see and discover relationships in the data. MarkLogic gives you the power to store and query linked data, including a native RDF Triple Store that can be queried with SPARQL--all right inside MarkLogic.

Guide to Data Security [ Source: DLT / Symantec ]

September 2014- Protecting the government's data is an all-consuming, top priority. As the federal government's data growth continues to spiral, and as the types of data threats and leakage change, data and storage managers have no choice but to be on the front lines of protecting their agencies' data. That means first building a solid data storage and management foundation – one that ensures that all data is accounted for at all times and that it's continually backed ...

Daily Federal Compliance & Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring [ Source: Thundercat Technology / SolarWinds ]

August 2014- Each U.S. federal agency must implement information security safeguards, audit these safeguards annually, and make an accounting to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). However, agencies face a number of challenges in implementing and monitoring these safeguards such as constantly-changing IT systems and a lack of specialized tools.

The good news is that even seemingly small measures can have a significant impact. In this white paper, we discuss:

• ...

A Modern Approach to the Data DelUge [ Source: Red Hat ]

August 2014- From physical to virtual to cloud, I.T. organizations have adopted increasingly complex technologies as their enterprises demand greater agility. It's left to I.T. leaders and their organizations to manage this complexity, keeping operating costs low while delivering on ever-increasing SLA expectations. With the rapid growth in unstructured data volumes, I.T. organizations are turning their attention to storage to eliminate costs and inefficiencies while increasing performance, security, and reliability.

Scale-out File Sync and Share [ Source: Red Hat ]

August 2014- File sync and share capabilities are now considered essential by an increasingly mobile and productive work force. While consumer-grade, cloud-based file sync and share solutions often provide a convenient data storage medium, they are outside of corporate control and data policies, and represent a serious concern for enterprise IT departments. To address these shortcomings, ownCloud, Red Hat, and HP have worked together to provide a cost-effective and scalable file sync and share solution that is ...

Fight Cyber Crime with Splunk, Cisco, and Red Hat [ Source: Red Hat ]

August 2014- The cost of cyber crime across the globe has already grown to $100 billion annually, not counting the intangible damage to enterprise and government security. In addition to the data loss and security breach, there is immeasurable, and sometimes irrevocable, damage to the brand.

Analyzing machine data from firewalls and perimeter devices in real time to thwart - and predict - threats is the only defense for most institutions. However, the amount of data ...

Extending Government Security Intelligence with Big Data Analytics and Exploration [ Source: IBM ]

August 2014- The asymmetric nature of today's cyberthreats means that federal organizations face dangers from multiple fronts. A pioneer in big data analytic methodologies, IBM delivers a complete solution framework that enables government agencies to confront an evolving cyberthreat landscape.

Consolidate and Simplify Your Security Environment [ Source: SwishData ]

October 2014- How can federal organizations stay ahead of today's sophisticated, fast-changing threats, particularly when budgets are tight? It's not that agencies lack protections. Most have put in place strong perimeter defenses and other security tools, but they cannot simply stand pat against threats that are constantly devising new ways to evade defenses, compromise networks, and exfiltrate data. Agencies must be equally agile in countering evolving cyber threats. Doing so requires that they find ways to ...

VM Article Anthology Vol. 1: Reduce Your Risk from Vulnerabilities and Threats [ Source: Tripwire ]

March 2014- This anthology of blog posts from Tripwire's award-winning blog, "The State of Security" provides five cybersecurity experts' views on vulnerability management."

Threat Intelligence & Incident Response: A Study of U.S. & EMEA Organizations [ Source: AccessData ]

February 2014- Threat Intelligence & Incident Response: A Study of U.S. & EMEA Organizations, sponsored by AccessData, surveyed 1,083 CISOs and security technicians in the United States and EMEA about how their company handles the immediate aftermath of a cyber-attack and what would help their teams more successfully detect and remediate these events.

Learn the unsettling truth about how limited today?s information security departments really are when it comes to defending their domains, including:


Guard data in government environments by implementing continuous diagnostics and mitigation [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- IBM Security offerings can help federal organizations employ a continuous diagnostics and mitigation approach to enhance and automate continuous network monitoring capabilities; correlate and analyze critical data; and increase risk-based decision-making at the federal enterprise level.

Strategic Opportunity Analysis of the Global Smarter City [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- The research service sets the stage for visionary thinking by identifying and analyzing one of the significant Mega Trends, Smart is the New Green. 'Smart' as a value proposition has been increasingly replacing 'Green' concepts. This presentation would highlight examples of projects, companies and technologies that will invade and change the smart city space globally in the next decade. It also provides information on the total addressable smart city market size opportunity and discusses smart ...

Privileged Accounts and Passwords: Risk Management in the Defense Community [ Source: Dell Software ]

November 2013- Even with multi-factor authentication becoming more and more the norm in the defense community, managing accounts with elevated privileges continues to be a challenge. Application service accounts and administrative accounts can be used to make siginifcant changes to IT infrastructure -- and since they are often common accounts used by multiple individuals, controlling and monitoring their usage can be time-consuming and problematic at best.

This technical brief, "Managing the Risk of Privileged Accounts ...

Selecting a "Big Data" Analytical Tool for Your Agency [ Source: Dell ]

July 2013- When federal leaders discuss solutions for big-data initiatives, there are a few "must haves:" power, flexibility, ease of use and affordability. With the right solution, federal leaders can manipulate big data to produce actionable insights while increasing productivity across the agency.

This GCN technical brief discusses the Kitenga™ Analytics Suite and why it's the perfect choice for federal agencies.

Continuous monitoring for government agencies [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform integrates SIEM, log management, behavioral anomaly detection, and configuration and vulnerability management to give government agencies 360-degree security insight for superior threat detection, greater ease of use and lower cost of ownership.

Emerging Security Trends and Risks. Insights for the Security Executive [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- For the busy executive, security is not an issue that can simply be delegated; it must be embraced as another important component of any plan for doing business in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world.

Government Analytics: Set Goals, Drive Accountability and Improve Outcomes [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Access to reliable, cross-department mission and financial and operational performance information is crucial to ensure transparency and accountability. Read the white paper to see how analytics unites data silos so that government agencies can set goals, make more informed decisions and achieve improved outcomes for citizens.

Edge Virtual Server Infrastructure [ Source: Blue River Information Technology and Riverbed ]

March 2013- Seamless integration between the data center and globally distributed locations at the edge

Maximizing user productivity regardless of where they reside is a key requirement but for branch offices, there is a particular challenge - where to place the resources the users need. Typically, it is a choice between the branch and the data center.

So what is the best approach? Until now, organizations had to choose between one or the ...

IBM Platform Symphony Government [ Source: IBM ]

March 2013- The drive to capitalize on big data in government is strong, yet the influx of this data is presenting new challenges for IT departments. For example, analyzing and storing big data requires substantial infrastructure resources, but with declining budgets and limited data center capacities, IT groups cannot simply add hardware as they might have in the past. To control costs, they need to make better use of existing resources. To take advantage of big data ...

Accelerating economic growth and vitality through smarter public safety management [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- Many public safety agencies need to do more with less and link spending to outcomes. The global trends highlighted in this report show the increasing challenges and issues confronting public safety agencies.

This white paper describes how developing competencies in five key area can help public safety agencies more effectively do their jobs in the face of extremely important and difficult sets of issues.

Crime Prediction and Prevention: A safer public through advanced analytics [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- Crime prediction and prevention analytics from IBM helps agencies make the best use of the people and information at hand to monitor, measure and predict crime and crime trends. Analysis of police data provides insight that lets officers track criminal activities, predict the likelihood of incidents,effectively deploy resources and solve cases faster.

Big Data Solutions to Enterprise Data Security Challenges [ Source: Proofpoint ]

February 2013- Learn how Big Data analysis techniques gives enterprises the data security they need to withstand today's highly customized inbound attacks.

Enterprises today are exposed to a range of IT security threats, from basic annoyances such as auto-emailed viruses, to targeted phishing-style attacks that trick employees into clicking on dangerous links that install malware, steal credentials, or in some other way jeopardize the security of the enterprise. As threats have evolved over time, new ...

Remote Management and Control for Disaster Recovery [ Source: Raritan ]

February 2013- While IT managers can’t predict when disaster will strike, they can take steps to ensure that service will be restored as quickly as possible when it does. Raritan’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions helps IT staff to quickly, efficiently and accurately troubleshoot, diagnose and repair post-disaster system failures.

Remote Access & Control SIPRNet Solution [ Source: Raritan ]

February 2013- To ensure the secure transmission of classified and secret information, the U.S. Government has mandated that beginning April, 2013 all access to military, intelligence, and other classified systems will require the use of a limited-access computer network Secret Internet Provider Network (SIPRNet) token.

Even after organizations upgrade their systems for SIPRNet token access and issue hardware tokens, complying with the DoD mandate still poses significant challenges: How can authorized users quickly and securely ...

Accelerate IT. Innovate with Your Cloud. [ Source: VMware ]

January 2013- Cloud computing represents a strategic generational shift in how IT operates. It can help IT address growing pressures to be more flexible and more responsive to business needs. It can increase IT efficiency and agility, and help reduce risk of operation in organizations of all sizes. Most important, cloud computing can make IT more reliable, without sacrificing security and governance.

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