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Responding to Unpopular HIPAA Disclosure Requirements [ Source: Absolute Software ]

September 2014- The question is not whether healthcare consumers will ultimately get the right to learn of disclosures of their data, but when. Senior IT leaders and business executives in healthcare organizations that use lobbyists should focus on regulators' renewed attention to this long-dormant HIPAA issue.

Meeting Customers Where They Are [ Source: Kofax ]

September 2014- As mobile adoption increases, deploying a platform that supports your customer base across all channels, is essential. And having the tools to create your mobile use case in weeks instead of months is a competitive advantage. Explore the value of a mobile engagement platform that meets your customers where they are with comprehensive, real-time mobile capabilities.

Learn how your organization can build and deploy mobile customer engagement solutions from mobile image capture, mobile ...

HIPAA Violations Incur Multi-Million Dollar Penalties [ Source: Absolute Software ]

August 2014- HIPAA regulations have undergone major changes in the last few years, giving both the federal and state Governments new powers and enhanced resources to pursue HIPAA violations. Read about some recent breaches that cost the violating parties significant penalties and learn about the measures that can be put in place to help maintain compliance.

Case Study: Rhode Island Blood Center [ Source: Absolute Software ]

August 2014- Rhode Island Blood Center had no asset tracking on their latptops and began to worry about what would happen if a laptop, and the confidnetial donor information it contained, went missing or was stolen. They needed the ability to remotely track the whereabouts of these laptops and secure the confidential data contained within them. This is more important that ever with the increasingly enforced penalties for data breaches by HIPAA. Find out how Rhode Island ...

Analytics across the ecosystem - A prescription for optimizing healthcare outcomes [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- To optimize patient, provider, payer and life sciences outcomes, organizations must drive analytics not just across the enterprise, but throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

The Argonne National Laboratory reaches for the sky with IBM [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- In the scientific community, efficient processors, a fast connection and reliable servers allow scientists more time to concentrate on their fields - and less on their hardware. Read the white paper to find out how one laboratory optimizes flexible computing capabilities, reducing the pressure on its high-performance computing resources.

Manage user identities and access in the cloud [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- Successful cloud deployments are able to efficiently manage individuals - access to resources and protect data from loss or corruption. However, when data volumes are excessive, the task can be overwhelming. Read the white paper and learn how IBM solutions can help to consolidate and centrally manage information securely.

Addressing social determinants and their impact on healthcare [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- This Executive Overview examines the social determinants of health and the benefits associated with taking a holistic approach to health care that includes addressing these determinants. And it also discusses the implications that taking a smarter approach to care has for policy makers.

IBM Curam Solution for Healthcare Reform [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- IBM Curam Solution for Healthcare Reform empowers agencies to meet the ACA 2014 deadline while investing in a platform for the future capable of meeting the long-term goals of the organization.

A World-Class Pediatric Medical Center [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- With an advanced security information and event management solution from IBM, the security administration team at a world-class pediatric medical center can centralize and correlate millions of logs and events daily to gain integrated security intelligence.

Collaborative Care beyond the Care Continuum [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- While new models of care collaboration are being implemented in many forms globally, moving from concept to successful implementation involves process changes and business transformation that may be the biggest challenges to healthcare organizations. Care collaboration tools that support and assist organizational transformation are key to driving successful outcomes. What these tools can enable is important. But who these tools engage and connect, the way in which they are engaged and connected, and the way ...

As HIPAA Regulations Get Teeth, Healthcare Firms Feel The Bite [ Source: Absolute Software ]

October 2013- The threat of fines and decrees for noncompliance with HIPAA regulations has become real and palpable, resulting in covered entities and business associates increasing IT security spending, attempting to ward off costly compliance audits. Read this Gartner report to learn about the impact this has on healthcare organizations and the recommendations by Gartner to help your organization minimize risk and remain compliant.

Improve Healthcare and Life Sciences with a Smarter Process Approach [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- A Smarter Process vision for healthcare. We live in an era in which customers expect perfection from their service providers. With competitors only a click (or tap) away, companies have a strong incentive to deliver flawless operations. Online retailers have set a high bar - in the way they engage customers throughout the entire sales process -not just during the commercial transaction, but before, during and after the transaction. Can healthcare and life sciences meet ...

Accelerate Healthcare Reform with Information Technology [ Source: VMware ]

June 2013- As healthcare reform deadlines rapidly approach, choosing the right IT platform will be critical to the success or failure of new services and exchanges. This solution brief provides an overview of how VMware is helping healthcare organizations to future-proof the entire IT care environment.

Improve Outcomes with the VMware Care Systems Analytics Solution [ Source: VMware ]

June 2013- Information informs patient care. With more accurate data, caregivers can deliver better outcomes, faster. Yet, this reality is only possible when care systems are effectively managed to streamline complexity and support big data. This white paper examines how VMware is delivering new levels of automation, analytics and intelligent policy management to modernize and improve healthcare IT architectures.

Business Agility & the True Economics of Cloud Computing [ Source: VMware ]

June 2013- Read the results of a McKinsey & Company survey that reveals a direct link between implementing cloud computing and improving business agility.

The Value of Analytics in Healthcare [ Source: IBM ]

April 2013- Healthcare organizations around the world are challenged by pressures to reduce costs, improve coordination and outcomes, provide more with less and be more patient-centric. Yet, at the same time, evidence is mounting that the industry is increasingly challenged by entrenched inefficiencies and suboptimal clinical outcomes.

Read this paper to learn how building analytics competency can help these organizations harness Big Data to create actionable insights, set their future vision, improve outcomes and reduce ...

The Case For Smarter Healthcare [ Source: IBM ]

April 201- Even as medical science advances, demand for health services increasingly outstrips supply, revealing critical flaws in the systems we use to deliver care. Aging populations and an onslaught of avoidable diseases are pushing many healthcare systems to the breaking point. Much of this unsustainable trajectory can be attributed to the considerable complexity of these healthcare systems. Most of them consist of vast networks of physicians, specialists, patients, pharmacies, insurers and hospitals - all of which ...

Redefining Value in Healthcare: Innovation to expand access, improve quality and reduce costs of care [ Source: IBM ]

April 2013- Across the healthcare industry,forward-thinking organizations are developing new competencies in anticipation of the opportunities that come with industry-wide transformation. They are positioning themselves for success. And they are defining the future of healthcare. Will your organization be ready? The shift away from volume-based, fee-for-service reimbursement models is fueling widespread transformation throughout the healthcare ecosystem, laying the foundation for a more purposeful and integrated system to emerge. It also means that every member of the ...

Enabling Healthcare Transformation with Social Business [ Source: IBM ]

April 2013- By embracing and cultivating a spirit of collaboration and community, internally and externally, social business is helping people and their organizations deliver significant returns on the time invested. Social business is important for healthcare transformation because it connects care providers and helps them achieve patient-centered collaboration by empowering and engaging patients and providers.

IDC Virtualizing Clinincal Desktop [ Source: VMware ]

March 2013- IDC Health Insights conducted interviews with two provider organizations that have adopted virtualized clinical desktops. The provider organizations were identified by VMware, and the interviews were conducted in May and November 2011.

The key findings from IDC Health Insights' primary research with these organizations are summarized in this document.

Frost and Sullivan Whitepaper: Constant Access to Patient Care Applications and Information in a Digital World [ Source: VMware ]

March 2013- Becoming ill is not a planned event. In a world of digitized patient information, healthcare providers require on-demand access to digitized patient information to deliver optimal care.

In hospital settings, downtime is not an acceptable option. A virtual infrastructure that enables always-on availability and access to electronic medical records (EMRs), electronic health records (EHRs), and other patient care applications is essential.

3 Steps to Faster EMR Adoption with Desktop Virtualization and SSO [ Source: VMware ]

March 2013- Virtual Desktops Deliver Tangible Benefits in Hospitals

IBM Patient Care and Insights: Identify new intervention and treatment opportunities and deliver coordinated, personalized care to help improve patient outcomes and lower costs [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- The healthcare industry is poised for a transformation in patient care. As healthcare organizations around the world strive to deliver new treatments and meet expectations for higher-quality care, reduced costs and better outcomes, they face a critical shortage of resources and an increasing incidence of chronic disease, which costs the US economy more than USD1 trillion annually.

To address these challenges and capitalize on tremendous opportunities for improving patient care, healthcare organizations must ...

It's the Right Place and Right Time for Simulation [ Source: HealthStream ]

February 2013- Simulation has gained tremendous momentum over the last decade in academic medical centers, medical schools, and nursing schools as a powerful method of reinforcing clinical knowledge, improving team communication, and teaching decision-making skills.

A national simulation study, conducted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, found that 87% of nursing schools are now using some form of high- or medium-fidelity simulation.

Furthermore, a study of emergency medicine residency programs found ...

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