Merits Of Qt For Developing Imaging Applications UI

by Trianz

Sep 11, 2009

Download The graphical user interface (GUI) for applications is getting more intuitive in terms of ease of use, attention to details, and the experience offered to the user. Although RAD tools like Visual Basic are capable of creating user interfaces in quick time, the flexibility they provide is very poor in terms of customizing the visual effects of the user interface. In the process, the user experience is diminished. The Microsoft solution Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), which is built over Microsoft Visual C++, offers considerable support in building applications in Windows. Although MFC is ideal for Windows application development, building a complex and visually appealing GUI is very time consuming. Qt is the C++ framework for developing cross-platform software. The framework of Qt is built in a manner so that it can seamlessly get integrated with several different development platforms like Microsoft Visual C++. The Qt C++ framework has been at the heart of commercial applications since 1995. Qt is widely used by organizations such as Adobe, Boeing, Google, IBM, Motorola, NASA, and Skype, as well as by numerous smaller companies.