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Whitepaper: IT Authorities Sees Increased Productivity

by VeriatoJan 19, 2017

IT Services Provider Sees Increased Productivity with Veriato 360 Employee Monitoring Software.

Whitepaper: Monitoring Employee Productivity in a Roaming Workplace

by VeriatoJan 17, 2017

Many companies today are allowing employees to work remotely. But how do you know if your remote employees are being productive?

Whitepaper: Building Hyper-Scale Data Centers at Hyper-Speed

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Learn how CyrusOne is "Building Hyper-Scale Data Centers at Hyper-Speed," and consider how your enterprise can leverage the benefits of CyrusOne's record-breaking speed-to market construction solutions.

Whitepaper: HPC Solutions in High Density Data Centers

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Learn how forward-thinking CIOs are significantly reducing production costs and increasing profit margins with high performance computing in world-class, high density data centers.

Whitepaper: Federal Data Centers: The Build vs. Buy Decision.

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Federal agencies are seeking partnerships with system integrators and third-party data center providers to ensure IT infrastructure requirements are efficient, scalable and up-to-date. Learn why this is the solution for system integrators supporting federal agencies.

Whitepaper: 7 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Selecting a Data Center Provider

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Outsourcing colocation services to a data center provider offers many strategic advantages. Learn how the enterprise can preserve capital that would have been earmarked for building in-house data centers, and stay focused on core business.

Whitepaper: Healthcare Providers Seek Out New Ways To Manage and Utilize Big Data

by Cyrus OneJan 17, 2017

Health care reform is focused on not only improving how you manage data, but how you use it. More collaboration is necessary, data sharing is becoming critical and community care ideas are taking shape.

Whitepaper: What keeps CIOs up at night?

by Murano SoftwareJan 16, 2017

While it used to be an ancillary part of the business, IT is now taking on a central strategic role that touches every facet of the business. With data breaches making daily news headlines and the near-constant pressure to stay on top of the latest best practices, it's a formidable challenge for the CIO who is expected to do more and more in an increasingly demanding environment, with less money to pay for it. While cyber security certainly leads the way among top priorities that keep CIOs

Whitepaper: Transforming Systems Management for Digital Business

by BMC SoftwareJan 11, 2017

Today, every business is a digital business. Customers expect mobile and web applications to be available at any time, day or night. Mainframes provide the foundation for these digital interactions, and they must support a huge and growing number of transactions. This paper examines how a true mainframe systems management solution can help companies meet the bigger, faster needs of a digital business while reducing costs.

Whitepaper: TLS/SSL: Be Wary of What Travels Inside

by NSS LabsJan 11, 2017

Encrypted web communication routinely bypasses enterprise security controls. Left unscanned, these channels are perfect vehicles for hiding infection, command and control, and data exfiltration. This paper examines the malicious use of encryption, including statistics, details on encrypted threats, and analysis of encrypted attack vendors.