Best Practices: 5 Security Tools Every Small Business Must Have

Dec 17, 2012


Best Practices: 5 Security Tools Every  Small Business Must Have

Studies show that the majority of small and midsize businesses consider a strong ­cybersecurity and online safety posture good for their companies’ brands. However, too few SMBs can realistically say that they make more than a token effort at achieving such a posture.

Indifference to the security of systems and data is no longer optional, no matter what size a business is. SMBs generally need to be more aware of the value of information ­assets in their care as well as of the risks associated with those assets. They need to know where information is being stored and used, and to protect those areas accordingly.

But while SMBs face the same kinds of risks as bigger companies, more often than not they don’t have anywhere near the knowledge and resources for addressing that risk as the big guys do. This doesn’t excuse SMBs from security, but it does make the job more challenging. Fortunately, SMBs can attain a strong security posture by using a few key products, many of which can be procured for little or no cost. In this report, we ­recommend five tools that will greatly improve overall information security yet don’t ­require a big budget and specialist skills to implement. (S6301212)

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