Best Practices: 6 Security Services Every Small Business Must Have

Dec 28, 2012


Best Practices: 6 Security Services Every Small Business Must Have

Small and midsize businesses have a big security challenge: They are as vulnerable to ­attack as any large enterprise, but they often do not have the resources required to ­adequately secure data and computing systems, and to maintain security over time. At many SMBs, one or two people are charged with keeping the technology trains running, without any kind of specific training or skills.

The use of services can help SMBs get and stay secure. However, just as with on-premises hardware and software security, there are hundreds of security services to choose from. It can be difficult to know where to start and how to develop a strategy incorporating many different services, but SMBs can take heart in realizing that they can build a strong foundation by harnessing the capabilities of just six categories of security services.

In this report, we spell out the reasons security services make sense for many SMBs, and recommend the six types of services that every SMB needs. For each type, we offer tips for evaluating and choosing a provider, as well as offer resources for finding providers in your area and determining the qualifications and certifications that providers should have. (S6350113)

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