Strategy: How SMBs Can Fight Cybercrime

Jun 13, 2011


SMBs vs. the Cybermenace

Small and midsize businesses are suffering substantial, sometimes crippling losses to cyberattacks that are becoming increasingly difficult to detect and prevent. Automated botnets use polished, highly convincing phishing and social engineering techniques, and sophisticated malware that requires no special skills on the part of attackers, thanks to the proliferation of relatively inexpensive malware kits on the criminal market.

SMBs often fall prey to the same attacks as individual consumers, but the repercussions are typically far worse: Business as well as personal accounts are compromised; corporate accounts, credit cards and sensitive data are exposed through employees as well as owners; and banks are under no obligation to make good on losses even if a business account is drained of tens of thousands of dollars. Midmarket companies should not feel safe because the big attacks on major companies—SONY, Epsilon, RSA, Google, Adobe—make the headlines. You may assume your company’s size and obscurity puts it below the radar, but while you may not be singled out for targeting, you may well be a target of opportunity.

In this report, we explain why SMBs are at great risk, discuss measures you can take to reduce chances of a successful attack and suggest ways to cut your losses if your business does become a victim. (S2980611)

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