Strategy: Stuxnet Reality Check

May 16, 2011


Are You Prepared for a Stuxnet-Style Attack?

Iranian nuclear facilities, zero-day exploits, secret operatives and nation-state government involvement sounds more like the backstory to a spy novel than a piece of malware. Yet Stuxnet, the most researched and analyzed malware ever, is still being studied and discussed in security circles around the world even though it was discovered more than a year ago.

You probably don’t operate a nuclear facility, so why should you care about a piece of software that targeted specific centrifuge models in particular nuclear plants in another part of the world? Simply put, Stuxnet made cybernightmares reality and changed the security world forever while simultaneously bringing to light the high risks associated with the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks that control operations within many energy and utility companies.

In this report, we’ll explain what Stuxnet does (and doesn’t do), what aspects of Stuxnet you need to address, and what information you need to build a solid set of defenses. Let’s take a quick dive into the exciting world of espionage, custom-written rootkits and professionally developed cyberweapons, so you can better protect your network. (S2840511)

Research Report