Strategies for Protecting Web-Facing Databases

Aug 08, 2012


Strategies for Protecting Web-Facing Databases

Databases store information, information has value and cybercrooks are looking to steal things with value. Thus, databases are alluring, and Web-facing databases have a huge target on their backs. When it comes to securing these databases, taking them off the Web would be the easy solution, but it’s not one that would be palatable to the business side of the house. Revenue trumps database security, so it’s the job of security professionals to figure out how to secure databases with limited resources while keeping the business systems operational.

Database security is not easy. ­Knowing where to start and how to efficiently make use of limited resources are critical factors in reducing the risk to your database ­systems. In this report, we offer several strategies for cost-effective deployment of ­resources to secure databases. (S5500812)


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