Strategy: Creating and Maintaining A Custom Threat Profile

Oct 03, 2013


Strategy: Creating and Maintaining A Custom Threat Profile

The quick rise of new threat intelligence services is helping enterprises gain more insight and visibility into global and industry-specific threats. But organizations have to figure out how to take that information, make it actionable and put it in the right hands so it gets implemented in a timely manner.

One of the biggest hurdles is the fact that companies often don’t fully understand the threats against them. The increasing number of threats posed by malicious attackers is clearly a problem, but so is the relatively new influx of personal hardware, software and services on enterprise networks. With the always-changing threat landscape, security professionals are having trouble keeping pace with these challenges as they are presented.

In this Dark Reading report, we discuss the types of information available from threat ­intelligence feeds, offer ways to prioritize that information and turn it into something ­digestible by different groups within the enterprise, and recommend how to disseminate the information so appropriate action can be taken. (S7441013)


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