Strategy: How to Pick Endpoint Protection

Feb 02, 2012


When choosing an endpoint protection product, IT focuses too much on malware detection capabilities and not enough on end users. That’s because users who ignore or don’t understand the prompts and warnings being given by endpoint security software will bypass the very protections that are supposed to keep them safe. In our experience as consultants, we routinely see endpoint protection capabilities downgraded because of user complaints, or simply trained to allow any and all Web pages and downloads because users just want to get on with their work.

So instead of building a lab to run three or four endpoint protection products through a gauntlet of malware, get your users in on the decision process. Test the software and users with real-world scenarios to see how the product and your users interact, and how security prompts and warning interrupt or impede users’ daily jobs. Get their feedback on how users respond to such interruptions. Screen-capture tools make it easy to run multiple tests and review results.

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