Strategy: Monitoring and Controlling Privileged User Access

Jun 04, 2012


Strategy: Monitoring and Controlling Privileged User Access

Network administrators, PC support, engineers, server administrators—they all do a great job of keeping our applications up and our data accessible. So what happens when they go rogue or inadvertently cause harm? The last 20 years of computer history is speckled with cases of internal sabotage, inadvertent losses and outright betrayal by those we trust the most—our privileged users. The threat to data by insiders appears to be trending downward, but it is also the most difficult to mitigate—especially when the threat comes from users with elevated privileges. While there are dozens of methods that address certain elements of privileged-insider risk, the best approach is a comprehensive and layered one that involves people, process and technology. This report will focus on thoroughly understanding and addressing this threat. (S5180612)

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