Strategy: 5 Keys to Painless Encryption

Dec 06, 2012


Strategy: 5 Keys to Painless Encryption

You can’t talk about big IT trends in without running smack into questions about data protection. For the 728 business technology pros responding to our InformationWeek 2013 Outlook Survey, which explores spending and technology priorities for the coming year, “improve information security” ranked No. 1 in a list of 19 projects. This makes ­perfect sense — whether your company is fixated on big data, public cloud, BYOD or ­mobile app development, security has a key role.

Encryption is frequently used as the primary method to keep data from being stolen or destroyed, accidentally or maliciously. Our 2012 State of Encryption Survey shows the technology used in all areas of the enterprise, from VPNs to files to the cloud; we profiled the struggles most IT groups have when trying to manage encryption products in that ­report. Simply put, the old adage that “encryption is easy, key management is hard” still holds, but we think the game is changing. First, there have been big strides in key ­management interoperability, although encryption can still be painful to manage. That’s mainly thanks to very complex PKI infrastructures and having to figure out how to ­manage keys with cloud providers. Second, relief is on the horizon in the form of identity-based encryption.

If you feel stuck with hard decisions and not much guidance, read on. (S6231212)

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