Strategy: Database Defense

Jan 29, 2012


Defend Your Database From Malicious Insiders

In tough economic times, desperate employees discover what enterprises and cybercriminals already know: Sensitive data can be sold for cash. For a data entry operator, call center employee, database administrator or salesperson with access to proprietary customer lists, the temptation to steal and sell sensitive data can be overpowering. And given the expanding global economy, it’s not just competitors paying for data; there are criminal organizations all over the world looking for the kind of inside information that can affect stock prices or alter contract negotiations. Another threat is the disgruntled employee, who may not be seeking monetary gain, but rather the chance to cause his or her employer the loss of business and reputation that can come with a data breach. What can enterprises do to protect themselves against employees who are authorized users but decide to go rogue? What checks and balances can companies put in place to prevent insiders from making off with sensitive data? In this report, we recommend how to protect data from being stolen and detect attempts as they occur. (S4170212)

Research Report