Strategy: Detecting and Defending Against Advanced Persistent Threats

Mar 12, 2012


Detecting and Defending Against  Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced persistent threats are exactly what their name says: The threats are advanced, requiring a high level of expertise to develop and pull off, and they are persistent, lying in wait for just the right opportunity. There is certainly no silver bullet for preventing and defeating APTs—they are a new attack methodology built to circumvent current perimeter and endpoint defenses. However, training employees, providing robust user credentials, and hardening servers and workstations will help stop the spread of malicious code. Robust logging will increase the chances that APT-related activity is detected and will certainly give emergency response teams better information for identifying and remediating the attack. In this report, we examine the six phases of an APT and recommend how to protect your company from this growing problem. (S4390312)

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