Strategy: Rebooting DLP

Dec 03, 2012


Strategy: Rebooting DLP

Talk about bad timing. Data loss prevention, which as an IT discipline and product ­category isn’t all that old, was designed for desk-bound workers with PC-based email clients as their primary means of communication. The BYOD revolution of handheld ­computers with ubiquitous high-speed connectivity tapping into cloud collaboration services, social networks and file sharing sites was just a bit too far over the horizon to be factored in. Yet that’s exactly the environment now challenging enterprise infosec teams, and slowing adoption of DLP systems.

In this report, we’ll examine how information protection strategies, policies, products and technologies are adapting to a world of mobile-device-toting employees using online services like Dropbox, often totally unbeknownst to IT, for sharing all manner of ­information, from PowerPoint decks to internal webcasts. In total, it requires a fundamental rethinking of information protection that we’re calling “DLP 2.0.” But we’re not doomsayers; our surveys show IT pros recognize the danger, and the security market is reacting. The good news: Some elbow grease in the form of updated policies and user training is often more ­effective than expensive new products. (S6211212)

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