Achieving Security Compliance In SMBs

Aug 05, 2013


Achieving Security Compliance In SMBs 

SMBs don’t get off easy when it comes to regulatory mandates. In fact, they have the same regulatory requirements as larger organizations, and the actual process of building out a compliance program at an SMB is similar to what you’d expect for a larger organization. One big difference between SMBs and larger organizations when it comes to ­compliance is that SMBs typically have fewer personnel, and SMB personnel tend to be spread very thin. Indeed, SMBs have to be very careful and creative about how they ­approach compliance activities — with efficiency being a top goal. 

Fortunately, by ­effectively ­leveraging the controls they do put in place, as well as by being smart about security and compliance frameworks and service provider relationships — SMBs can avoid the obvious pitfalls and traps that can get in the way of achieving compliance with any regulation. This Dark Reading report examines some of the hurdles facing SMBs and ­recommends strategies for overcoming them. (S7300813)


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