Strategy: How Cybercriminals Operate

Jun 28, 2013


Strategy: How Cybercriminals Operate

To know a cybercriminal is to be able to defend against him. One reason cybercriminals are so successful is that they observe and react to events far more rapidly than their ­victims. However, better international collaboration and information sharing, better security awareness and more risk for the mules involved in cybercrime (wittingly or not) will raise the cost of criminal activity and hit the profitability of criminal organizations. 

Making it harder to breach our defenses and infect machines is our best option. ­Cybercrime is not going to be solved just by deploying more and more security devices. Technology can help manage the risk, but changing online behavior to minimize human error — particularly errors caused through ignorance — is vital. Keeping users and clients informed of the latest techniques being used by online criminals is also important, but enterprises also need to make them aware of what to look for in general — not just the latest scam. If users are aware of how cybercriminals ­behind the malware work, they will better appreciate the steps they need to take to ­protect themselves, our networks and our economy. (S7100613)


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