10 Key Steps to Success In Data Loss Prevention

Apr 11, 2013


10 Key Steps to Success In Data Loss Prevention 

DLP, or data loss prevention, can be a monster to manage, especially on a large scale. Even for smaller organizations, it’s important to tread carefully and to break the project up into manageable chunks. 

Deploying DLP isn’t like deploying a security incident and event management system or a network management system, where you can just add hosts or log sources and get going. With DLP, you need to strategically position assets, carefully select and test the modules you deploy, and really take the time to learn how to manage the system. 

You can, of course, accelerate this process with the use of a good business partner, but, even in that case, you will want to move slowly because of the business impact that a full-scale DLP deployment will have on the organization. What you find with the DLP system will likely make waves and force changes. To increase the chances that your deployment will be successful, it’s critical to move your implementation along carefully and in close coordination with the business. (S6740313)




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