Strategy: Stop Illicit Data Dumps

Jan 04, 2012


How to Prevent Dangerous Data Dumps

In today’s business environment, there are many opportunities to increase productivity by sharing data and integrating network and business operations. However, network-based collaboration introduces corporate data into a broader environment that is more complex, vulnerable and difficult to safeguard. Also, the amount of data that needs protection has grown exponentially as data gathering and analysis capabilities improve. In addition to having more data at risk, businesses today suffer greater consequences if their data is lost or compromised. Although fines may not be financially crippling, damage to a company’s reputation can be irreparable. While maintaining perimeter defenses to safeguard against outside threats is still an essential aspect of data protection, internal threats and data leaks are just as much of a problem and require technology as well as procedural and training systems. In this report, we examine how enterprises can better protect their data from leaks by an unauthorized or privileged user, ensure that large amounts of data aren’t moved all at once, and recommend how to handle a data breach should one occur.

Research Report