Strategy: Tablet Security

Dec 05, 2011


The Security Pro’s Guide to Tablet PCs 

Tablet PCs, especially Apple iPads, are making their way into the enterprise at a volume and pace few could have anticipated even a year ago. The latest generation of tablets has more in common with smartphones than laptops, bringing many productivity benefits but also several security challenges. Intensifying those challenges is the fact that many tablets are not procured or sanctioned by the company but instead are purchased by individual employees and used without corporate guidance. This bring-your-own-device model ties IT’s hands when it comes to security. But company-owned or not, there’s no denying tablets’ allure. So it’s up to enterprise IT pros to develop the right tool sets, policies and procedures to leverage the devices’ productivity benefits while ensuring the protection of valued company data. This report details the challenges and best practices of tablet security. (S3971211)

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