How Attackers Target and Exploit Critical Business Applications

Jul 23, 2013


How Attackers Target and Exploit Critical Business Applications

Applications such as ERP and CRM are the epitome of "business critical." They house key company and customer data, and integrate with many other corporate computing ­resources. Until fairly recently, IT pros paid less attention to these applications than to other more obviously vulnerable corporate resources. However, with these applications more and more often exposed to the Web, there has been a resulting uptick in interest in the apps -- and, thus, the attacks levied against them. IT and security pros have been reluctant to do much in the way of security for these applications because they're very complex and relatively inaccessible, and because any risk to their uptime strikes fear into the hearts of business managers.

In this Dark Reading report, we examine the security issues surrounding mission-critical business applications, how the increasing use of mobile and the cloud have also ­increased risk, and the ways in which IT can mitigate vulnerabilities. (S7270713)

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