Strategy: Biometrics

Oct 26, 2011


Get the Best of Biometric Authentication

Use of biometrics has long been touted as the best way to overcome the vulnerabilities associated with password- and token-based authentication. With nonbiometric authentication, as long as people enter the correct combination of user name and password, either memorized or generated, they are granted access, regardless of who they actually are—users are authenticated but not positively identified. The system can verify only that users are in possession of the correct information, not that they originally enrolled with this information.

This inherent weakness is forcing companies with valuable information assets to seek better ways to control access. In this report, we examine the benefits and drawbacks of biometrics as a means of authentication, provide a snapshot of available biometric authentication options and consider what the future may hold when it comes to this intriguing technology. (S3731011)

Research Report