Strategy: Keeping DNS Services Safe And Operational

Aug 28, 2012


Strategy: Keeping DNS Services Safe And Operational

Domain Name System, or DNS, is a mission-critical element of Internet infrastructure and any Web-based system. When DNS servers aren’t responding, websites and email become unavailable, resulting in loss of online presence, productivity and revenue. Even worse, DNS servers have proved vulnerable to attack, giving cybercriminals potential access to whole streams of Internet data.

With DNS being such a foundational element of almost every network and application service that we manage today, it’s vital that administrators understand the attack vectors that are exposed as a result of the very nature of DNS and how hackers are exploiting these weaknesses. In this report, we’ll examine what you need to worry about when it comes to DNS, as well as serve up some suggestions for what you can do to better protect your environment from falling prey to attack. (S5610912)

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