Informed CIO: 8 Steps to M&A Security

Mar 16, 2012


Didn't See That One Coming

No matter how hard you work to organize projects and manage risk levels, sometimes you get hit with a curve ball. A prime example is when you're informed that a merger or acquisition is about to close. As various technology teams dive in and figure out the network and end user strategy, and sales and marketing sync up, CISOs must focus on understanding what security challenges you just inherited.

Maybe you're swallowing a competitor whole, from its five-year plan to the coffee­maker. Or maybe you're just buying its IP and key engineering talent. No matter--some key areas must be addressed. Smart CISOs will have in place a set of guidelines for managing mergers and acquisitions before a deal threatens security and compliance. For example, maybe you don’t have to rip and replace systems right away. Maybe you can move redundant IT staff into new roles as opposed to doing layoffs--and taking on the risk of disgruntled ex-employees. In this report, we'll look at eight ways to keep a merger from sinking security. (S4570312)

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