Managing Mobile Security in Small And Midsize Businesses

Apr 26, 2013


Managing Mobile Security in Small And Midsize Businesses 

Whether an SMB is struggling with company-owned laptops and smartphones, user-owned smartphones and tablets, or even USB devices, data has to be protected from ­accidental leakage and malicious attacks. The network can potentially be compromised if a mobile device is not properly secured or compliant with business policies. Allowing these various devices in the workplace can be a nerve-racking proposition for SMBs, with their limited IT staff and resources, but mobile devices are increasingly becoming something SMBs cannot avoid.

In this Dark Reading report, we outline best practices SMBs should adopt to exert some control over employee-owned devices. We also provide information about available tools, technologies and techniques that will help SMBs make smarter decisions about how to protect data. (S6880413)


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