Strategy: Fundamentals of User Activity Monitoring

Apr 05, 2012


Strategy: Fundamentals of User Activity Monitoring

No organization is immune to the threat of data breaches and network compromises. Many breaches are the result of user behavior that either mistakenly or maliciously strays outside the norm. Preventive security measures have their place, but IT administrators and business managers need to track user activity and detect this anomalous behavior when it occurs.

User activity monitoring is no longer optional for companies with something to lose, but making the decision to adopt user monitoring is only part of the effort. There are many tools that will assist you in benchmarking everyday activity and then using that information to identify users who are  exhibiting risky online behavior or straying outside the organization’s security policy. You’ll need to spend a great deal of time selecting the tool or combination of tools that will be most effective for your organization. And, even if you select exactly the right tool for meeting your most critical risks, you can still fail: Without sufficient training, efficient deployment and a good response plan, attackers will be off with a copy of your data before you can react. (S4760412)

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