Strategy: Threat Intelligence: What You Really Need to Know

May 11, 2012


Threat Intelligence: What You Really Need to Know

With so many sophisticated security tools at their disposal, many enterprise security pros are putting threat intelligence efforts on autopilot, relying on gateway tools to catch any problems. But with the advanced, multidimensional cyberattacks being levied today, your organization still needs an experienced set of human eyes ­analyzing data collected by the right tools to avoid the sorts of attacks that can cost a company untold millions—not to mention its reputation. 

Performing your own threat ­intelligence need not be complex or expensive. Such a ­program can be as simple as IT staff being trained to pay closer attention to data. In other cases, threat intelligence might mean having a team of people performing deep content inspection and forensics on a full-time basis. Where you fall in that range depends on your overall risk profile, but if the data you’re managing is important enough, you simply can’t leave threat intelligence to chance. In this report, we will provide recommendations for determining whether your ­organization requires a dedicated in-house threat intelligence program, considerations around staffing the program and metrics for assessing the costs of the program. (S4980512)

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