Strategy: 8 Steps to Securing Small Databases

Oct 04, 2012


Strategy: 8 Steps to Securing Small Databases

Database security does not need to be expensive. Small and midsize IT shops can do a lot. In fact, they can address the majority of their security issues by leveraging existing resources. If time is the major impediment to implementing good database security controls, there are many security products available that can help automate and simplify ­mundane tasks. Further, third-party providers can implement and manage database security to take the ­burden off internal staff.

But all of this does take some planning—and perhaps some tough decisions. Organizations will need to figure out what data is in their care, what level of security that data needs, and what data (and data stores) the organization can do without. The idea is to streamline both data and operations so that all databases will be protected. (S5911112)

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