Strategy: Application Monitoring For Security Professionals

Dec 12, 2012


Strategy: Application Monitoring  For Security Professionals

Monitoring controls can help security professionals determine when a security event is in progress, as well as pinpoint the cause of the event after the fact. Enterprises often have monitoring controls in place, but even when those controls are sophisticated, they often are lacking in the area of applications monitoring. This is a gaping hole, because there is tremendous value in expanding monitoring capabilities to include the application space.

A solid monitoring strategy will include the review, evaluation and decision-making ­resulting from application log events. Fortunately, it is possible to leverage existing ­monitoring tools to cover applications. Indeed, whatever mechanisms are available that tell you something about an application and its status can potentially be harnessed to help contribute to a better profile of the application from a monitoring perspective.

In this report, we examine the case for purposeful development of an application
monitoring plan and make recommendations for tapping into existing products and processes to implement such a plan. (S6271212)

Research Report