Strategy: Identity and Access Management: An Introduction

Jul 16, 2012


Identity and Access Management: An Introduction

Identity and access management, or IAM, is often one of the biggest challenges facing ­information security practitioners. IAM is not a topic that most organizations have ­approached with a great deal of focus and planning, which means security pros have been left to do their best with what they can cobble together. In addition, the topic of IAM can be buzzword-heavy (and thus confusing to break down); IAM speaks to efforts that are massive in scope; and it affects nearly every aspect of the organization.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Behind the buzzwords are concepts that information ­security practitioners already know and have been dealing with successfully for years. ­Indeed, many of the resources necessary for developing a solid IAM program are available within the ­organization. It’s true that a sophisticated, highly automated and highly ­mature IAM ­program can be overwhelming when viewed within the context of an ­organically grown ­infrastructure, but, with careful planning and a firm understanding of the goals for and ­challenges of IAM, it’s possible to lay an IAM foundation that will meet your organization’s unique identity and access management needs now and in the future. (S4930512)

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