CrowdStrike Global Threat Intelligence Report

Feb 04, 2016

Download The 2015 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report highlights that today's threats, more than ever before, are driven by geopolitical and economic events around the world. In this complex threat environment, it takes people, processes, technology AND intelligence. Intelligence is no longer a "nice-to-have"-it is a mandatory element of stopping breaches. Read this new Global Threat Report to learn about the top threat actors, attack vectors, and threat intelligence trends to help you defend your organization in 2016.

Download the report to learn:

>What caused the most disruption in 2015. Was it activity related to espionage, financial gain, and/or hacktivism?

>What world events will impact your security posture directly in 2016 and beyond?

>Who's behind the most disruptive targeted intrusions, and what are their motives?

>Hacktivist campaigns targeting various groups and regimes, and the collateral damage these activities can cause in the commercial sector.