Choosing and Implementing An Enterprise Database Encryption Strategy

Jul 19, 2013


Choosing and Implementing An Enterprise Database Encryption Strategy

A lot of attention is given to securing database systems — and rightly so: Databases are the target for attackers who wish to siphon off intellectual property, gather financial data that can be turned into cash and, in some cases, break in just for the sport of it. The attacks against computer systems are diverse, but the end target is typically the database.

The majority of research today centers on the security of database infrastructure — in essence, the engine that stores, manages and serves data. But all too often we forget that it’s the data an attacker is after. In fact, it’s simpler — and provides more universal protection — to focus on securing the data as it’s used, moved and stored than to worry about the complexities of different database systems used in your organization. This Dark Reading report examines the issues around securing data, focusing mainly on encryption but also taking into account the range of tools and techniques that protect data stored within databases regardless of database type. (S7220713)


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