Strategy: Mobile Device-Borne Malware

Feb 13, 2012


Stop Mobile Device-Borne Malware

As a technology’s popularity grows, so does the target on its back. And so it goes for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Indeed, mobile devices are everywhere, and everyone from CEOs and secretaries to teenagers and grandmothers has a mobile device to surf the Web, check email, install mobile applications, play games and send text messages.

In the corporate environment, IT professionals are scrambling to manage bleeding-edge mobile devices while mitigating the threats against these devices. Some companies are dealing with the mobile malware threat using existing security tools while waiting for the mobile device management (MDM) market to develop products that better fit their needs. Others that have already sunk money into platforms such as BlackBerry or Windows Mobile are looking to supplement with an MDM supporting additional mobile operating systems.

In this report, we’ll explore the different types of malware affecting mobile platforms, some protections companies can put in place using existing security controls, and the ability of MDM systems to protect enterprise networks from mobile malware. (S4310212)

Research Report