Strategy: Mobile Malware: Is Prevention Possible?

Feb 10, 2012


Battle Lines Are Drawn

While reports of malware infection seem more pronounced on the open Android platform, malware can affect end users no matter the mobile operating system in use; as InformationWeek's Jonathan Feldman discussed recently, there are some cracks in Apple's walled garden, too. And we're poised to see a more splintered ecosystem, according to our January InformationWeek Research In Motion Survey of 536 business technology professionals, all of whom are involved with evaluating, procuring or managing smartphones or creating mobility policies. While currently the platform breakdown heavily favors the more secure and manageable RIM BlackBerry, that's set to change. Within 24 months, respondents expect a relatively level field among Android, Apple and BlackBerry.

Form factor is another wild card. Almost 80% of the 323 respondents to our latest InformationWeek Mobile Device Management and Security Survey, all of whom are involved with determining mobile/wireless strategy or evaluating, recommending or purchasing mobile devices, say tablets will grow in importance, even as laptops and netbooks hold pretty steady. That means how we battle malware has to evolve as well, moving beyond just desktop antivirus. (S4340212)

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