Strategy: Securing The Mobile User

Feb 18, 2013


Strategy: Securing The Mobile User

Most IT departments have already been hit by the BYOD bus, and there’s no going back to the days of supporting a single device or mobile platform. But security pros are in a much better place today when it comes to supporting a diverse mix of mobile ­devices because there is now a wide range of tools, policies and best practices that can be used to enforce data security and compliance policy. Security professionals need to be able to allow end users to choose and use the devices they want, but to do so in a way that complies with the security mandates of the business.


In this report, we’ll cover the aspects of mobile device security that you really need to worry about. We’ll also give you a short list of the options that you have for implementing mobile device security, along with recommendations for the mobile device policies that you should consider deploying to meet most data privacy and compliance mandates. (S6550213)



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