2015 App Dev Priorities Survey

Nov 12, 2014


Change Will Do You Good

The world of application development is undergoing a transformation. New platforms for server and client, new development tools, new languages, newfound status, and new deployment methodologies mean the already quick pace of change has gotten faster. 

The 528 respondents to InformationWeek and Dr. Dobb's first App Dev Priorities Survey told us in no uncertain terms that they're meeting that change head-on, even as workloads stay the same or increase. And, they're doing it without significantly more money. 

>> 69% of respondents at organizations developing custom applications have Agile development methodologies in use.

>> 59% say demand for application development is rising, yet just 49% say they're adequately funded.

>> 40% bring their security team in at the project planning phase, while 57% have a policy mandating secure coding practices.

>> 38% say their orgs devote 10% or less of the overall IT budget to development and DevOps.

>> 30% have more than 100 developed applications deployed; 12% have more than 500.

In this report we discuss key trends, including:

>> All phases of application development are now occurring in the cloud at a significant number of organizations, with project management in the cloud especially popular.

>> VB/VB.NET is seeing a rapid fall-off in usage, but the replacement is spread across multiple languages, with Swift, Node.JS, and TypeScript seeing the largest gains.

>> Developers are heavily involved in DevOps activities in 40% of organizations - good news for these teams.

Respondent breakdown: Respondents screened into the survey by indicating involvement in determining the need, recommending, specifying or authorizing/approving the purchase of application development tools, application architecture services, or deployment software. Thirty-three percent have 5,000 or more employees; 23% are over 10,000. IT vendors, financial services firms, and government are well represented, and 27% are IT director/manager or IT executive management (C-level/VP) level. (R8211114)

Survey Name InformationWeek and Dr. Dobb's App Dev Priorities Survey

Survey Date October 2014

Region North America

Number of Respondents 528

Purpose To determine the priorities and changes prevalent in the application development landscape

Methodology InformationWeek surveyed 528 application development and business technology professionals at North American organizations. The survey was conducted online, and respondents were recruited via an email invitation containing an embedded link to the survey. The email invitation was sent to qualified InformationWeek and Dr. Dobb's Journal subscribers.


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