9 Conference Calling and Social Apps

Feb 08, 2013


Communication + Collaboration = Productivity

Advanced conference calling and enterprise social networking technologies together form a virtuous cycle. Advanced conference calling facilitates real-time collaboration, while enterprise social networking enables as-needed collaboration through a chronological record of total enterprise activity. As employees become better informed about their colleagues' activities through the use of enterprise social networks, they are able to enter into more meaningful real-time conversations during video calls and conferences. Conversely, based on the relationship building and information sharing enabled by advanced conference calls, employees will be able to achieve better business results through communications over enterprise social networks.

What's yet to come is a strong bridge between these two areas of technology, an environment that seamlessly switches between synchronous voice and video calling on the one hand and asynchronous commenting and video uploads on the other. At present, the advanced conference calling providers draw upon a silo of presentation materials generally separate from the enterprise social networks. Similarly, conversations on enterprise social networks are only awkwardly connected to real-time conversations occurring through conference bridges and video links. These technologies will inevitably merge over the coming years, or perhaps in the next few quarters.

In the meantime, this edition of the Quarterly Review of Business Apps examines some of the leading, representative and interesting technologies in both advanced conference calling and enterprise social networking. (S6470213)

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