Research: 2010 Data Deduplication

Nov 19, 2010


Data Deduplication Gains Ground—Slowly

As the volume of corporate data continues its climb, InformationWeek Analytics surveyed business technology professionals about their companies’ use of storage technologies. We also compared this year’s poll results to our 2009 survey results, to identify trends and develop a comprehensive picture of the data storage market. Our 2010 Data Deduplication Survey finds that compression is still the most popular storage technology, with nearly two-thirds of those polled saying their organizations use it, but newer technologies, including data deduplication, thin provisioning and MAID, are making headway, slowly but surely.

The adoption rate for data deduplication hit 37% this year, compared with 24% last year; 34% of respondents say they’re now evaluating dedupe, up from 32% a year ago. In this report, we explore the reasons companies are embracing less conventional storage technologies (think cost savings, space savings and energy savings), trends in tiered storage (think Fibre Channel and NAS, respectively, for Tier 1 and Tier 2) and what’s driving storage growth (think databases and warehouse apps, e-mail and rich media). We also delve into the research results on data deduplication benefits and drawbacks, and discuss the need for the industry to set dedupe standards and remove the lingering mystery around the technology. (R1931010)

Research Report