Research: 2013 Backup Technologies Survey

Apr 15, 2013


Time for Some Clarity

Today no area of IT stays static for long, even the important but (seemingly) unexciting backup arena. In fact, the business technology professionals responding to our March 2013 InformationWeek Backup Technologies Survey are scrambling to keep up with fast-evolving production IT architectures and ­security and business demands. 

Among our 502 respondents, 73% use the same system for backing up physical and virtual servers, down from 79% in January 2011, indicating rising adoption of VM-specific backup systems.

Other data points:

>> 66% still back up directly to tape, though for 33% use is limited.

>> 56% back up 100% of physical servers at least weekly; 52% say the same for their virtual servers.
>> 39% do not encrypt any backup media. That's the bad news. The good news is that the percentage is down 17 points, from 56% saying the same in 2011.
>> 27% are extremely confident in their ability to get the business up and running again in a reasonable timeframe after a major disaster that takes out the main data center.
>> 18% use VMware-specific backup software, up from 12% in 2011.

In this report we:

>> Explore just how quickly this historically conservative group puts new technologies like data deduplication and cloud backup into production by comparing current results with our January 2011 survey.

>> Discuss new, and in vendors' estimation, revolutionary technologies to speed the backup process, make backups more reliable and help administrators manage the constantly growing volume of data.

>> Do a reality check on how well respondents actually protect their organizations' systems and data.

Respondent breakdown: 43% work for companies with 1,000 or more employees; 18% have more than 10,000. Education, government, consulting and business services, and noncomputer manufacturing are well represented, and 43% are IT director/manager or IT executive management (C-level/VP) level. (R6640413)

Survey Name InformationWeek 2013 Backup Technologies Survey
Survey Date March 2013
Region North America
Number of Respondents 502
Purpose To explore the state of data backups today and interest in emerging technologies

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