Buyer's Guide: Unified Backup & Restore

Jun 19, 2013


Unified Backup and Restore

We invited 30 vendors to be part of our roundup of products that enable IT to develop a fully unified backup and restore plan. Our Buyer's Guides are designed to assist in purchasing decisions by providing comprehensive information on features and pricing.

To be eligible to participate in our unified backup and restore guide, we require:

>> A product or service capable of backing up data from local and cloud repositories for all these endpoints: mobile devices, desktops, and physical and virtual servers.
>> The ability for end users and IT to restore individual files, directories, app-related data containers (for mobile apps), and entire devices or disk partitions on a self-­service basis.
>> Some supporting services, such as protection for databases and/or DB-backed applications like Exchange/SharePoint.

Check out our site with full responses to our questionnaire. (R7040613)

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