IT Pro Impact: Future of the Mainframe

Mar 15, 2013


IT Pro Impact: Future of the Mainframe

Without the abstraction of a virtualized stack, x86 systems simply could not compete with the reliability of a mainframe. X86 servers failed. They were time-consuming to recover. Memory chips died, hard disks went south. Industries such as insurance, financial and banking that needed rock-solid transaction processing reliability, resource segregation and security had little choice but to buy big iron. They were expensive, but mainframe uptimes were, and still are, measured in years.


That was then. Now, x86 is a viable competitor in both price and functionality, and ARM-based systems are the scrappy upstart. With tight IT budgets and cost cutting the rule of the day, many mainframe shops are being asked: Can we save big money by migrating to x86?


There are several factors to consider: The sunk investment, IBM’s recent investment in z/OS, a new focus on Linux and ways to get management in line with actual usage. (S6670313)




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