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4 Key Steps in Implementing the Data Warehouse of the Future

by Dell EMC / Intel®Oct 23, 2017

Many enterprises are finding that their legacy data warehouses are no longer meeting their analytics needs cost-effectively, but an immediate, wholesale transition to a Hadoop-based solution isn't practical or affordable. This white paper offers a detailed roadmap for transitioning from your current state to the data warehouse of the future.

How to Get Ready for the Next Wave of Advanced Analytics: AI and Machine Learning

by AllAnalyticsSep 15, 2017

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have hit the mainstream, spanning consumer devices to enterprise initiatives. Experts in the field say change is coming fast. But just where are we? If you don't have your plan started, are you behind the curve??

AllAnalytics reached out to several thought leaders in the areas of AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to get their perspective. Their answers to the four questions we posed will help prepare you and your organization for

Gartner Reprint: Decommissioning Applications

by Open TextJul 27, 2017

The Emerging Role of the Application Undertaker - Implementation, replacement and removal.

Legacy Decommissioning: Good for the Budget, Good for Compliance

by Open TextJul 27, 2017

Preserving and accessing historical, valued, or regulated information.

4 Methods of Archiving

by Open TextJul 27, 2017

Selecting the right method to balance project requirements

Lower IT costs, improve security and compliance

by Open TextJul 27, 2017

Read what InfoArchive Customers are saying.

ABC’s of Extreme Archiving

by Open TextJul 27, 2017

Achieve maximum value from data and content by freeing it from application silos.

The Impact of a Security Breach 2017

by Dark ReadingJun 29, 2017

Despite the escalation of cybersecurity staffing and technology, enterprises continue to suffer data breaches and compromises at an alarming rate. How do these breaches occur? How are enterprises responding, and what is the impact of these compromises on the business? This report, one of three to come out of Dark Reading's annual Strategic Security Survey, offers new data on the frequency of data breaches, the losses they cause, and the steps that organizations are taking to prevent them in the

Big Data Network Traffic Intelligence

by KentikJun 14, 2017

Kentik's NPM solution offers actionable insight into the role of the network and the Internet in application performance issues. Kentik NPM combines lightweight, easily deployed nProbe software agents with the power of Kentik Detect — the industry's only Big Data network analysis platform.

IT NETWORK MODERNIZATION: How to fuel innovation through hidden cost savings

by InteropApr 26, 2017

IT organizations are investing in the network to improve network speed and performance, boost data security, and ensure availability. With a potential 20% hardware lifecycle savings, brand-equivalent optic transceivers are a good place to begin.

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