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The Future of Optics in the Data Center

by InteropApr 20, 2018

Optical technology is falling behind compute, networking and storage on the order of about 4 times every 5 years. Meanwhile, bandwidth, complexity and data demands are skyrocketing. Now is the time to be thinking about your strategy for optics.The information submitted is collected by both UBM and our sponsor InterOptic. Click here to view our sponsor's privacy policy.

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Virtual Support Agent Evaluation

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

5 questions to ask when evaluating a Virtual Support Agent for IT Service Management

Reinvent your IT Service Management

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

Learn how a Virtual Support Agent Improves customer satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity.

Alert NYCM

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

Commercial property and casualty insurance provider (NYCM) went from a limited and inefficient help desk system to impressing customers with speed and efficiency.

Alert Nampa School District Information Services

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

Nampa School District Information Services department went from having a help desk that was limping along to a highly-responsive organization that skyrocketed customer satisfaction.

Alert Independent Purchasing Cooperative

by serviceaidApr 18, 2018

Find out how Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) that manages 36k Subways had a 92% reduction in system administration time.

ETL Offload: The First Step in Implementing the Data Warehouse of the Future

by Dell EMC / Intel®Feb 22, 2018

For organizations that are beginning to deploy Hadoop, offloading extract, transform and load (ETL) processes is an ideal first use case. Handling ETL with a legacy data warehouse can drive up costs while slowing analytics, but moving those workloads to a Hadoop cluster can save hundreds of dollars while dramatically speeding up performance.This whitepaper details the benefits and challenges of using Hadoop for ETL offload as a first step toward implementing the data warehouse of the future. It

4 Key Steps in Implementing the Data Warehouse of the Future

by Dell EMC / Intel®Oct 23, 2017

Many enterprises are finding that their legacy data warehouses are no longer meeting their analytics needs cost-effectively, but an immediate, wholesale transition to a Hadoop-based solution isn't practical or affordable. This white paper offers a detailed roadmap for transitioning from your current state to the data warehouse of the future.

How to Get Ready for the Next Wave of Advanced Analytics: AI and Machine Learning

by AllAnalyticsSep 15, 2017

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have hit the mainstream, spanning consumer devices to enterprise initiatives. Experts in the field say change is coming fast. But just where are we? If you don't have your plan started, are you behind the curve??

AllAnalytics reached out to several thought leaders in the areas of AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to get their perspective. Their answers to the four questions we posed will help prepare you and your organization for

Gartner Reprint: Decommissioning Applications

by Open TextJul 27, 2017

The Emerging Role of the Application Undertaker - Implementation, replacement and removal.



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